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Services for Individuals

These services are for you if you are not reaching your full potential in your overall wellness and are looking to make an adjustment in your personal care of your body, soul, and spirit.

Cynthia provides practical strategies, resources and implementation for transformation in the Pillars of Health.
  • Moving Your Body

    Actively engage your body

  • Rest

    The value of of sleep and tips for better rest

  • Sole to Soul

    Tools for promoting positive behaviors and negative thought replacement

  • Hydration

    The importance of water for health and proper bodily functions

  • Nutrition

    The value of eating and fueling for health, prevention and optimal performance

Get Started

Follow the steps below to begin your personal wellness journey with Cynthia.


Use the Wheel of Abundant Life form to assess the current health of your body, soul, and spirit.



Book a conversation with Cynthia to review your personal assessment and determine your specific needs. 


Wellness Products

Products designed to support you on your wellness journey. 

Juice Plus+ is an affordable and convenient way to add a variety of nutrients into your daily lifestyle.


Juice Plus

Order A Tower Garden

Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.  The new Tower Garden HOME is ideal for indoor gardening, while the Tower Garden FLEX is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Grow a healthier you year-round.


A Hydration Tracker for Your Favorite Water Bottle


A fun and easy way to keep track of your optimal daily water intake to stay hydrated.

Be Inspired: Hydra-Ties are a positive way to challenge yourself and others to commit to a more healthy lifestyle!

How it Works

All of the elastic bands easily slide onto your bottle for set up. The top wider band remains as the base. Then you slide off a lower band, one by one with every full bottle you consume. Refill, drink, slide off another band, and repeat until you reach your determined hydration goal. The band system is motivating and helps you to assess your progress and meet your hydration goal for the day.

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