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About Alible3
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Alible is an old English word meaning, "offering nourishment"

Cynthia focuses her education on prevention and provides resources in the following areas




Artistic, choreographic and technical instruction for dancers.

Nutrition for individuals and families.

Tips on ways to keep the body healthy and safe with movement and exercise.

Image Bearers - understanding our identity of being made in the image of God.


Helpful insights and practical applications on ways to bring balance in our daily lives with busy schedules and pressures to perform.

Soul Awareness and Healing - engaging one's mind, will and emotions with compassion and wholeness.

Soul Care - incorporating biblical truths, understanding and applying scriptures

Holding Our Thoughts - prayer and meditation tools for a healthy soul


Biblical teaching on how to care for and nourish our spirit.

Spirit to Spirit - biblical teaching focused on the role of God's Spirit in our daily lives.

Spirit Movers - listening techniques to hear God's Spirit speak and responding with our body.

Walking in the Spirit - a journey through actual steps of faith.

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About Cynthia
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About Cynthia

From a young age, Cynthia Newland was already on the path to being an inspirational influence to those whom she encounters. Her ceaseless curiosity, dedication to hard work and desire to share knowledge paved the way for an impressive broad background and notable career as an educator, artist and more recently, health and wellness consultant.

Cynthia Newland is well known for her encouraging, inspiring and inclusive message for all people and all ages, "Live life to the fullest." Through her work as a dancer, professor and choreographer, those who view and participant are motivated to consider the importance and appreciation of our God given life. This message carries over into Cynthia's work as a speaker, workshop leader and consultant as she provides participants with practical ways to obtain information and application into their own lives.

Her recent endeavors include establishing Alible3.  Cynthia's love for God and her love and care for people is the basis for all of her teaching. She desires for all people to understand each one of us have significant worth and value, provides informative knowledge on how to take care of our bodies and inspires all to use their own gifts and talents to make positive differences in this world.

Cynthia Newland holds a B.F.A. from George Mason University and an M.F.A. from Arizona State University.


Through her thirty plus year career, she’s traveled throughout the U.S.A. and over twenty-five countries working with numerous arts, education and mission driven organizations with the aim to serve, inspire and connect people to their calling and purpose.

As an educator, she is the recipient of higher education awards, and serves on the boards of a variety of arts and education organizations. Her passions as an artist have included providing movement and dance opportunities, applicable for a diverse population including individuals with various abilities.

Cynthia is the former Chair of Dance at Belhaven University and under her leadership obtained national accreditation, established the only M.F.A. in Dance program at a Christian university and brought international recognition to the program.

Currently, while teaching part time at Belhaven, she travels nationally and internationally as an ambassador for the university while sharing her passions for dance and holistic training on "Nourishing the Body, Soul and Spirit". Her teachings are intended for a wide range of people of all ages with a mixture of experiences and backgrounds. 

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Body, Soul, & Spirit

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