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With an endless dedication to contributing to the arts, education, health and wellness, Cynthia has established an array of teachings benefiting all individuals including professionals though beginners, students, adults, youth, children and families. Her presentations, class materials and lectures are appropriate for various settings such as large corporations, smaller businesses, universities, schools and churches.


Dance and Movement Workshops and Courses

Cynthia teaches a variety of dance and movement workshops, including modern technique, choreography, improvisation, and creative dance. Many of her courses incorporate engaging the spirit, soul, and body in communion with God.

To book Cynthia for your group event, schedule an initial appointment with her.

Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Workshops

Cynthia's wellness workshops cover topics such as nutrition for people on the go, dancer and athlete nutrition, meal planning, and healthy recipes.

Click the button below to schedule an time with Cynthia to arrange for your next group event.

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Body, Soul, & Spirit

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