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Facilitating Learning By Lucas And Corpuz Pdf 187

this research examines the congruence between key dimensions of the nsse model of practice evaluation and the learning culture of california state university, san bernardino (csusb). it also compares the csusb with the university of southern california (usc) and its general population. this study examined student learning and campus climate through the lens of the nsse model, using student evaluation survey data collected at the end of four semesters from all ten of the schools of csusb.

facilitating learning by lucas and corpuz pdf 187

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the model predicts that the proportion of the variance in student learning will be high for courses that are strongly based on problem-solving, inquiry, and reflection. csusb is a highly selective university that was founded in the 1960s, in a rural california community. data were collected from all ten schools, representing 26,850 students, over four academic semesters (winter 2008-2009 to spring 2012-2013). it is the most diverse state university in california, with the largest hispanic student population in the state. csusb was awarded the 2005 university star for outstanding education. this is the largest university in the california state university system.

results: students reported that the high-impact practices were challenging to use. however, they also reported that the practices were beneficial to their learning and that they had a positive impact on their pa behaviour. a total of eight themes were identified from the qualitative data: (1) sdt provides a framework for evaluating high-impact educational practices and for planning and implementing effective practices; (2) student learning and engagement are enhanced by active learning; (3) the high-impact educational practices support students in enhancing their pa behaviour; (4) the high-impact practices increase the effectiveness of other courses; (5) the high-impact educational practices promote student development of skills; (6) high-impact educational practices can be used in both peh and health related settings; (7) the high-impact educational practices can be used to improve the physical and mental health of the larger community; and (8) the high-impact educational practices can be used to improve the quality of health care. the quantitative data analysis suggests that students who reported experiencing the high-impact educational practices were more likely to report higher levels of pa. students who experienced the practices were also more likely to describe their learning experience as high, and to indicate that they would recommend the practices to others.


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