Cynthia Newland

Educator, Dance Artist, Speaker,       Health and Wellness Consultant


Nourishing the Body, Soul and Spirit

In her current practice as an artist and educator, Cynthia Newland teaches a variety of workshops and lectures spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of dance and engaged embodied movement experiences, as well as applicable information related to health and wellness for individuals and groups . Well prepared, engaging and knowledgeable, her materials have been well received by countless students, participants and audiences.
Below is a look at areas of her concentrated teaching.

The Body

The Soul -        (Mind, Will and Emotions)

Education and workshops related to the Body including;

+ Artistic, choreographic and technical instruction for dancers.

+ Nutrition for individuals and families.

+ Tips on ways to keep the body healthy and safe with movement and exercise.

+ Image Bearers - understanding our identity of being made in the image of God.

Education and workshops related to the Soul including;
+ Helpful insights and practical applications on ways to bring balance in our daily lives with busy schedules and pressures to perform.
+ Soul Awareness and Healing - engaging one's mind, will and emotions with compassion and wholeness.
+ Soul Care - incorporating biblical truths, understanding and applying scriptures focused on God's love and care.
+ Holding Our Thoughts - prayer and meditation tools for a healthy soul.

The Spirit

Education related to the Spirit including;
+ Biblical teaching on how to care for and nourish our spirit.
+ Spirit to Spirit - biblical teaching focused on the role of God's Spirit in our daily lives.
+ Spirit Movers - listening techniques to hear God's Spirit speak and responding with our body.
+ Walking in the Spirit - a journey through actual steps of faith.

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