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Buy Leather Hides For Upholstery PORTABLE

Congratulations, you have found one of the best leather suppliers on the web since 2004. We have a huge inventory of premium upholstery hides in many colors and prints. All we carry is 100% genuine cowhide for use in furniture, automotive, leathercraft, and more. Here you will also find our Guide covering all the basics of purchasing leather. In our store, you will only find leather for sale from the top tanneries in the United States, Italy & South America!

buy leather hides for upholstery

We proudly sell premium leather at wholesale prices directly to the public for 25% - 50% less than the competition. Our inventory includes both closeouts & regular stock items (see Our Collection). We also support DIY'ers & others that need material for small projects - you can find these on our Remnants page. Remember, if you need assistance just give us a call!

Need help determining how much leather your project requires? Go to our awesome Furniture Reupholstery Guide for an estimate. The estimate will be in square feet as this is how leather is sold - not "by the yard" like fabric and synthetic leather sheets. The average cowhide is about 50 sq ft but this varies depending on the breed. Also, if an upholsterer gives you a project quote in yards (as they often do), just go to our Leather & Fabric Tool & quickly convert it to square feet. If you have any questions just reach out - we are here to help.

Leather for upholstery, furniture and coverings of the best Italian quality. Upholstery leather hides are generally big, soft and perfect for creating chairs, tables, puffs, sofa, carpet, armchairs, furniture, automotive interiors and they are also suitable for other purposes such as shoes and bags making.

Let's face it, a sofa or a car with leather interiors has another appeal. So, if you are thinking about changing or renovating the interior of your car or if you are considering leather upholstery to repair your old sofa, taking into account leather as the base material is a necessary step, both for aesthetic and practicality reasons. Moreover, leather for upholstery also has very specific characteristics: does not fade, it is completely or partially water-repellent, it is very beautiful to look at, it is breathable and above all it is more resistant than other fabrics. Considering all the features listed above this leather material for upholstery is a step higher than all the others such as Alcantara, various fabrics, PU leather, etc.

Buyleatheronline is today one of the main upholstery leather hides suppliers of the web, with tons of choices and a "Made in Italy" quality. We are sure you will find in our catalog the right leather for car seat repair, the leather for upholstery repair or the cheapest solution to reupholster your leather sofa! Finally, in case you don't know which type of leather is more suitable for your needs, you can always contact our support team who will be happy to help and give you advice.

There is a difference and plenty of reason to select genuine leather upholstery of the highest quality. Many of our customers are design professionals desiring our selections of the very best quality genuine leather fabric that will provide their clients years of satisfaction.

Our selections of upholstery leather hides are produced using premium cowhide and tanning methods to ensure quality and satisfaction featuring leather strength and durability that will last for years. Each pattern features unique tanning and finishing which creates a remarkable leather that showcases natural beauty in a variety of looks, colors and textures. These soft and supple real leather upholstery fabrics are ideal for furniture, garments, chaps, handbags and other leather goods. Our leather upholstery fabrics are in stock, ready to ship and wholesale priced. When you purchase from us, you are buying the Very Best !View Genuine Leather FAQ.

It is recommended to order 18 square feet of leather (including waste) for each yard of fabric that is required. Multiply the yardage needed by 18 to determine the approximate square feet of leather needed for your project.

A double rub rating is not applicable to a fabric used for bedding, curtain, drapery or other applications where the fabric is not subjected to abrasion. A double rub rating applicable to fabric used for upholstery is obtained from an industry test that measures fabric resistance to typical abrasion that is expected from the use of upholstered furniture.

Under 5000 Double Rub Rating or code "LD" is suitable for home decor light duty upholstery use (not daily use, more for decorative appeal). 5000 - 14900 Double Rub Rating or code "MD" is suitable for medium use home decor upholstery applications such as living rooms. 15000 - 29900 Double Rub Rating or code "RD" is suitable for everyday regular and heavy use home decor upholstery applications. 30000 and Above Double Rub Rating or code "HD" is suitable for residential and commercial upholstery subjected to "extreme use". Code "LDO" indicates a selection of fabric that is only recommended for 'light duty outdoor' upholstery applications where cushions do not receive regular use and can be easily removed and stored away from harmful UV light when not in use. These selections are not intended for normal indoor furniture upholstery as they are not constructed to withstand the abrasion of regular use. If you are in need of a more durable outdoor fabric that can also be used for indoor upholstery, we recommend a High Performance Indoor-Outdoor Fabric from Sunbrella, Bella-Dura and Covington.

The surface wear of a fabric caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric. Association For Contract Textiles "ACT" GUIDELINES General Contract Upholstery ASTM D4157-02 (ACT approved #10 Cotton Duck) 15,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method ASTM D4966-98 (12 KPa pressure) 20,000 cycles Martindale method Heavy Duty ASTM D4157-02 (ACT approved #10 Cotton Duck) 30,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method ASTM D4966-98 (12 KPa pressure) 40,000 cycles Martindale method End use examples of heavy-duty installations where upholstery fabrics rated at 30,000 double rubs should be appropriate are single shift corporate, hotel rooms/suites, conference rooms and dining area usage.

ACT acknowledges that there are extreme wear situations that may require higher levels of abrasion resistance. End use examples that may require higher than 30,000 double rubs include: 24 hours transportation terminals, 24 hour telemarketing, 24 hour healthcare emergency rooms, 24 hour casino gambling areas, and such public gathering places as theatres, stadiums, lecture halls and fast food restaurants. It is strongly suggested that double rubs exceeding 100,000 are not meaningful in providing additional value in use. Higher abrasion resistance does not necessarily indicate a significant extension of the service life of the fabric. The Wyzenbeek and Martindale tests are the two methods commonly used to predict wear-ability. Actual performance is determined by many factors such as fiber content, weaves, finishes, furniture design, maintenance, cleaning, and usage. Durability of an upholstery fabric is a complex interaction (combination) of a number of performance tests that, in addition to abrasion, includes seam slippage, pilling, tensile strength, and usage. There is no correlation between the Wyzenbeek and Martindale tests so it is not possible to estimate the number of cycles that would be achieved on one test if the results from the other test were known.

Most of our fabric selections (with the exception of wallpaper, faux leather and leather) are eligible for our free shipping coupon promotion and the item page will indicate eligibility by the display of a coupon icon: . To qualify for free shipping via FedEx Ground service, an eligible item must be included on a fabric purchase of $99 or more and the shipping destination must be a US state other than Hawaii or Alaska. Simply enter coupon code freeship2 on the shopping cart page and be sure to select free shipping as your shipping choice. Note- Samples are free of shipping charges to all US & Canadian destinations via First Class US Mail, no coupon is required.

Discount Leather Hides prides itself on providing customers the highest quality leather available coupled with exceptional customer service. Our leathers are tanned at our tanneries in Italy, Brazil and Thailand by traditional skilled technicians using the most innovative technology to produce the remarkable looks with a trademark soft hand feel.

Embossed Leathers are leathers that have been stamped with steel engraved plates. At Barbarossa Leather, we custom make the finest embossed leathers. We can sell embossed leathers in quantities as small as one hide or supply large volume. There are many issues to consider when ordering embossed leather. Below is a list of things to consider when buying embossed leather.

Bison leather averages around 40% more tensile strength than traditional cow hide leather, making it an excellent alternative. Rugged and beautiful, bison come in a variety of styles that will fit the needs of your leather project. Great for moccasins, bags, boots and other leather goods.

We buy these value-priced cowhides as odd lots; meaning we get whatever colors (usually earth tones) the tannery has in that particular lot. Therefore, colors shown may not always be available. They are tanned for upholstery use, but are an ideal choice for chaps, garments, saddle seats and bags.

Color shade, thickness, finish, and hand feel will vary from hide to hide in this collection. Not all available colors and finishes are pictured. When purchasing more than one item from this collection, you may receive leather with a similar finish and texture, or you may receive an assortment. Leather from this collection varies based on availability, and we may not able to accommodate special requests. These hides may be misshaped or contain some holes or other visible defects. 041b061a72


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