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Rustam Rams

Aura Kingdom Shinobi Build

in aura kingdom 2, you will be able to gain experience points from your companions, and this is the only way that they will be able to increase their level. initially, you will have the eidolon at level 1 but then, it will begin to level up each time you manage to kill an enemy in battle. just like how it will level up itself, it will also be able to level up your hero as well, making the eidolon a very useful companion for your adventures.

aura kingdom shinobi build

one of the primary sources of skill books in aura kingdom 2 will be found in the treasure chests that are often dropped by enemies you kill. the chests will contain skill books that you can use to raise the expertise levels of the 5 skills you can use at the same time. the skill books that you will find in chests will be rarer and more costly than the ones you can buy from the skill book merchant at some locations.

in aura kingdom 2, your eidolon companion will begin to appear at the same time that you obtain your first pet in the game. you will also be able to equip your eidolon for the battle arena, a type of special event where you are able to fight against any enemy in the world of azuria, that you can encounter in the battle arena. at this point in the game, your eidolon will be at level 1 but eventually, it will be able to level up up to a maximum of level 10.

as you progress in the story and help azuria from the darkness of the world, a new world called the darkmoon vale opens up, a world with an ominous atmosphere and mysterious aura. deep within the world, lies the ancient civilization of aura kingdom, a world that has been cut off from the outside world for years and long forgotten by the other races. here lies the secrets of the story and a chance to find answers to your questions.


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