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Where To Buy Rothy's Shoes [UPDATED]

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of comfortable flats knows what I'm talking about. They're the easiest shoes to put on and take off, they can work for casual or formal settings, they barely take up any space in a suitcase, and if we're talking about the right pair, they won't make your feet light up with pain every time you take a step. These types of flats aren't easy to find, but we've been lucky enough to have collected some true gems and favorites. Quite a few are made by newer brands, like Everlane and Rothy's.

where to buy rothy's shoes

Rothy's and Allbirds have a lot in common. Both founded in 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the startups quickly became popular in the area for their practical and sustainable approach to footwear and gained the funding to prove their future potential. They've also found an audience in East Coast cities like New York, where the culture of walking makes the search for cute and comfortable flats even more dire.

In addition to women's flats, Rothy's sells loafers, sneakers, and kids' shoes. While Rothy's is best known for its flats, Allbirds is best known for its sneakers, and flats are a brand-new foray into non-sneaker styles. It makes men's and women's wool and eucalyptus sneakers, as well as children's wool sneakers.

Both companies pride themselves on using sustainable materials to make comfortable shoes. Conveniently, both their shoes are machine-washable (but take the insoles out first), making it easy to keep them in top shape.

If you don't want to spend more than $100, Allbirds are the obvious choice, but there's the trade-off of fewer print options, not to mention the fact that they tend to sell out more quickly. If you're willing to spend $30 to $50 more for Rothy's, you've widened your options and are likely to receive your shoes more quickly.

They were introduced to me as shoes made from plastic water bottles that are machine washable, aka the ideal pair for shoes for someone who is always traveling. (I could just toss those bad boys into the wash when unpacking & have shiny, pretty shoes!)

As someone who values style and fashion, but also NEEDS to be comfy at the same time, packing for trips can be difficult. Especially when it comes time to picking out comfortable shoes that are versatile (and cute) enough to go with many of the outfits I packed.

They also use Merino wool, which is the same type of high-grade wool that Allbirds uses for their shoes. And, depending on the type of shoe, the sole are either made from carbon-free rubber or vegan leather.

One of the most popular questions I get is can you put insoles in Rothy's flats and what insoles fit in Rothy's. Rothy's are low-profile shoes that don't leave a lot of room for traditional insoles. However, I have found a few that do work with Rothy's:

Why does it have to be so complicated to purchase a new pair of shoes? Every time I purchase a new pair, I consider how the shoes fit right out of the box, but I also have to keep in mind the possibility of those shoes stretching over time. I often keep semi-uncomfortable leather shoes in the hopes that they will stretch with wear and ultimately become a comfortable pair of shoes that I love.

In my experience, the Flat, Point and Loafer all fit with similar slipper-like comfort. They each have the potential for a little bit of heel irritation, but that discomfort is short-lived and eases as you continue to wear the shoes.

One major benefit of Tieks all-leather flats is the ability to wear them without socks and avoid smelly situations for at least a year, if not more. In my previous Tieks review, I mentioned wearing them in Europe during summertime (read: very hot and sweaty) and my shoes smelled fine after.

I know it doesn't make any sense, but I have so many stunning shoes that I never wear. There so many pairs I was so excited to order, eagerly checking the tracking info, only to wear them one time to come home to blisters and swollen ankles. Putting on band-aids to prevent a blister should not be a normal part of getting dressed, but for a lot of my favorite footwear, it's what I "have to do." Then, I found Rothy's, the comfortable flats that haven't hurt my feet yet.

These comfortable shoes last through a long day of walking and a never-ending night out. They're super soft and I don't have to endure the dreaded "break-in" period like I do with most shoes. Rothy's The Point is one of the brand's most popular styles with a ton of five-star reviews. There are a ton of colors and prints to choose from, and I cannot forget to mention (and emphasize) that they are machine-washable. No more spot cleaning, scrubbing, or just accepting a stain on your footwear. These shoes are everything and you're gonna want a pair in every color.

Regardless of where you choose to buy your new shoes, remember to use Stackry at checkout. With a warehouse located right in the U.S., Stackry is able to offer you a premium U.S. parcel forwarding service at a price that is more than fair.

Tip: I have an entire blog post on how to break in new shoes right over here with lots of tips for you! Personally, new shoes always rub at my heels, and I find that popping in one of these adhesive heel pads does the trick with no problems to prevent any rubbing until your feet get used to a new pair of shoes!

I don't know about you, but when I'm shopping for a pair of shoes, I like a comfortable, versatile pair that I can absolutely live in (for someone who owns more shoes than I can count, I tend to wear the same two pairs over and over). With the ever-increasing rate at which climate change is impacting the earth, I also like to make sure my fashion purchases are good for the planet. With these two priorities in mind, I'm about to have the greatest weekend, because San Francisco-based brand Rothy's is releasing the first incarnation of their Collector's Editions, a new series for Rothy's superfans that will include both purses and shoes.

Since their launch in 2016, Rothy's has attracted a huge following for their comfortable fits, professional styles, and commitment to sustainability. The brand crafts the signature thread used in their shoes and bags out of recycled plastic bottles. Already, they've repurposed over 100 tons of plastic that otherwise would have ended up in oceans and natural waterways. They also minimize waste through their ethical, 3D-knit production practices, so you don your Rothy's accessories sans existential guilt. Not to mention, their shoes, a.k.a. the product that started it all, are impossibly comfortable.

Already hooked? Us, too, which is why many of Rothy's customers (an impressive 40 percent!) own more than one pair of their shoes, particularly their popular style The Driver. So, in celebration of the brand's devotees and their most beloved styles, Rothy's is debuting a Collector's Editions product series. The first drop will be available in stores on Saturday, 3/25, and online on Sunday, 3/26.

While we wait for Sunday's launch, you can catch me exploring the Rothy's website to get myself excited (and adding a ludicrous amount of shoes and bags to my cart). Check out some of our favorites, below.

The DTC company known for its recycled plastic shoes will use the investment from Alpargatas to fuel global growth and expand vertically-integrated operations as well as increase its factory operations and further drive sustainable innovation.

I am a global retail and real estate specialist who looks behind the headlines to figure out where retail is heading. I work as editor-in-chief for MAPIC and editor for World Retail Congress, two of the biggest annual international retail business events. I also organise, speak at, and chair conferences all over the world, with a focus on how people are changing and what that means for the retail, food & beverage, and leisure industries. And it's complicated! Forget the tired mantra that online killed the store and remember instead that retail has always been dog-eat-dog: star names rise and fall fast, and only retailers that embrace change will survive. Don't think it's not important, your pension funds own those malls!

Having feet that are two different sizes makes wearing flats a real pain. I wish retailers would let you buy one shoe in one size and another shoe in another size to form a pair. Does anyone else have this problem? Every time I go to a running store they say its pretty common for feet to be a half size different, yet here we are stuck in this antiquated system where both shoes are always one size. End rant.

The company began in 2012 with Stephen Hawthornthwaite, an investment banker, and Roth Martin, a creative and gallerist. Their goal was to create a stylish and comfortable women's flat shoe from single-use plastic, reducing the excess that occurs with a traditional shoe making process.[11] There was a significant delay between the founding of the company and the launch due to the complexity of making the product. Their idea of making shoes from sustainable materials was inspired by companies like Patagonia.[12]

Some critics have praised the shoes for their sustainability, aesthetic, and comfort.[27][28] Kavita Varma-White of Today described Rothy's as the "perfect travel shoe".[29] According to Business of Fashion, Rothy's range caters to women looking for an alternative to sneakers or ballet shoes.[20] Celebrity fans include Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Meghan Markle.[30][27][31] 041b061a72


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