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Rustam Rams
Rustam Rams

Underwater Combat Mod: The Ultimate Skyrim Mod for Aquatic Adventures

The sheer number of options for this mod is incredible. Along with giving you the ability to swim, the other half of this modders work is to improve on the existing swim and diving mechanics in Skyrim. The primary benefit is to give characters a secondary form of movement - with their limbs and torso exposed. This second form can be useful in some cases to evade attacks or utilize abilities such as the Bonemerang, but in most situations it is a hindrance since it can only be used in a cramped space like caves or the starting area of a large water body. This mod uses a unique stat to dictate how much stamina is required for swimming underwater. This value can be modified in the config file so that you can have the game favor swimming on the first level but then start favoring using your breath to utilize your options in the later levels. Sometimes this can be frustrating when you think you've made a nice play to acquire a particular item, but instead of swimming there to get it, you'll have to haul your arms out of the water and then dive back in again to get to the item. With this mod, it becomes far easier to obtain items in these situations. This mod also features the ability to swim faster while submerged, allowing you to quickly make your way to a location you need to be in.

Skyrim Underwater Combat Mod


Skyrim Underwater Combat Mod sports one of the most distinct builds of a character I've ever seen. While the default build isn't too bad, the second build is a bit of a head case as he also has the Charm Attribute, making him about as charming as a carbon copy of the Joker. Fortunately for you, he also gives every quest item in the entire game maximum experience, allowing you to skip just about any quest that you'd want to skip. Also, he can stealth on most surfaces, meaning you don't even have to fiddle with the interface to get out of enemy encounters. He also has the advantage of having insane amounts of stamina, allowing him to stay underwater for a long time before having to come back up. He also has some neat weapons: Most notably, his sword that lets you shoot fireballs from your hands like a cannon, and another one that lets you crush enemies with rocks. While he can't attack underwater, it is still possible for him to destroy various objects if you give him a grappling hook. Overall, he's a pretty exciting character to play as.


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