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Julie And The Phantoms - Season 1

Julie and the Phantoms is an American musical comedy-drama streaming television series created by Dan Cross and David Hoge that was released via streaming on Netflix on September 10, 2020. The series is based on the Brazilian television series Julie e os Fantasmas.[1] In December 2021, the series was cancelled after one season.[2]

Julie and the Phantoms - Season 1


On April 9, 2019, Kenny Ortega signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix, including production of Julie and the Phantoms. Ortega executive produced the series alongside Dan Cross, David Hoge, George Salinas, and Jaime Aymerich. Cross and Hoge also serve as showrunners. Production companies involved with the series were slated to consist of Crossover Entertainment and Mixer Entertainment.[3] On August 26, 2020, an official trailer was released[4] and the series was released on September 10, 2020.[1] On December 18, 2021, Netflix cancelled the series after one season.[2] On March 4, 2022, Ortega confirmed that there are no plans for the series to return to Netflix or anywhere else for the time being.[5]

Caleb Covington introduces Luke, Alex, and Reggie to the wonders of The Hollywood Ghost Club. The boys are mesmerized by the elaborate musical production numbers. Meanwhile, Flynn DJs at the high school dance where Julie and the Phantoms are to perform later. However, the phantoms soon lose track of time, and Julie is forced to cancel her gig at the dance as a result. As the boys are leaving the club, realizing how late it is, they are given a mysterious stamp by Caleb. When they arrive at the school, Julie, upset with them, confronts them and quits the band. As Julie leaves, the boys suddenly experience a painful jolt, which Reggie compares to how they died 25 years ago.

Willie helps Julie and the Phantoms become the opening act for Panic! at the Disco at The Orpheum. Carrie watches a video on her computer of Julie and the boys playing which her dad, Trevor, sees and realizes the band is his dead Sunset Curve bandmates. As the boys prepare to join Julie at The Orpheum, Caleb intervenes by transporting them to The Hollywood Ghost Club and forces them to perform with him. As show time approaches, Julie becomes anxious when the guys don't appear. A sign is given to Julie that she is meant to perform and she goes onstage by herself. As she begins performing, the phantoms escape from Caleb and appear and join the performance one by one (Alex, Reggie, then Luke). At the end of the performance, the guys poof out. Julie returns to her studio, and believing that the boys have crossed over, thanks them for being there for her. It turns out that playing the Orpheum wasn't their unfinished business, and the phantoms never crossed over. Julie begs them to save themselves and join Caleb's band, but they refuse, not wanting to make music without her. Julie and Luke hug, and Luke starts to regain strength. Alex and Reggie then join them, and Caleb's curse is lifted. The next day, Nick comes to Julie's house with flowers, but Caleb appears behind him and possesses him. Julie comes to the door, and greets Nick, unaware that she's actually talking to Caleb.

The Netflix original series Julie And The Phantoms ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for season 2. Based on the Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas, the season 1 finale of Julie And The Phantoms ended with Luke, Reggie, and Alex coming back to life, and evil magician Caleb Covington possessing Nick's body to seek revenge. Julie And The Phantoms might have been set in a supernatural world, but the show remained grounded by dealing with heavy themes such as grief as the character processed deaths: both the ones they loved and their own.

One of the biggest reveals in the season 1 finale of Julie And The Phantoms is that Sunset Curve's final performance at the Orpheum wasn't their unfinished business. They try to hide that from Julie by teleporting back to the garage to wait for death, but she discovers them first. Since they weren't able to cross over, it raises the question of what their unfinished business is. As Willie explains to the boys earlier in the show, their unfinished business must have to do with all three Phantoms since they died at the same time. But what is it?

Ghostly magician Caleb Covington spends Julie And The Phantoms trying to force the Phantoms to work for him in his nightclub. Caleb marks them with his stamp and owns their souls, forcing the Phantoms to choose between working for him or disappearing from existence. When they foil his plan in the season 1 finale through the power of love, Caleb shows up at Julie's house and finds Nick, the sweet high school boy with a crush on Julie. He grabs Nick's head and takes over his body, and season 1 ends with Caleb plotting revenge on the Phantoms for escaping his clutches. While it's unclear if Nick is dead or able to fight back, for the first time on Julie And The Phantoms Julie and Caleb Covington are finally face to face, and she has no idea.

Although Julie And The Phantoms hasn't been renewed by Netflix for season 2 yet, the season 1 finale sets up several new mysteries. With the possibility that Alex, Reggie, and Luke are now inhabiting human bodies, the show can explore the boys returning to whatever remains of their old lives. Most of Luke's storyline has revolved around finding closure with his parents, and season 2 could show a reunion with his family. Now that Julie has accepted her mother's death, she and her family are able to move forward. Alex will continue exploring his relationship with Willie, although one is still a ghost whose soul belongs to an evil magician.

Season 1 of the Netflix original series Julie And The Phantoms sets up a supernatural world full of mysteries, and only begins starting to solve them. As the first high-profile project from Netflix's deal with executive-producer Kenny Ortega, it's likely that the show will be renewed for season 2. The end of season 1 might resolve Julie's journey with her grief, but the cliffhanger involving the Phantoms' mysterious transformation hints at the possibilities for the show's next chapter. The series succinctly sets up a rich fantasy world full of quirky characters, but the ending proves that ultimately the themes of Julie And The Phantoms are rooted in accepting grief and the power of love.

The soundtrack to season one of the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms brings together all of the songs featured in the musical comedy-drama. An adaptation of a Brazilian TV show, Julie and the Phantoms is produced by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, The Descendants) and follows the journey of aspiring high school singer Julie Molina (played by Madison Reyes) as she puts a group together with the help of some spectral bandmates. Showcasing the ebullient vocal skills of the show's cast, most prominently Reyes and co-star Charlie Gillespie, the soundtrack features an uplifting and hooky mix of songs that touch upon mid-'90s punk-pop, contemporary acoustic ballads, Latin pop, dance music, and more. If you are a fan of many of Ortega's past productions, Julie and the Phantoms will most likely feel both familiar and fun.

This novel based on season one of the hit Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms is told in alternating points of view and includes a full-color photo insert and exclusive story content not seen on the show!

The main cast has extraordinary chemistry, especially Reyes and Gillespie, which gets turned into a plot point for an episode later in the season. Since the show is about a band and music, these emotional connections are very important. However, the show is not too serious as it makes plenty of jokes. After all, the show is about a band of ghosts.

In a show where unfinished business serves as pivotal plot points, the first season of Julie and the Phantoms leaves some loose ends. The finale leaves a couple of truly intriguing cliffhangers that are enough to hook us in for another season. But even without these, the show has established the characters enough that you just want to watch them keep making music together.

Julie and the Phantoms manages to combine familiar elements in a unique package that still resonates with audience because of its heart. The cast is charming and incredibly talented as they perform more than a dozen songs throughout the fast-paced first season. For all its strange twists, the show is ultimately about the healing and transcendental power of music. 041b061a72


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