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Rezo Beavers
Rezo Beavers

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The designer of the set, Dotnick, has taken great inspiration from parallel dimensions, multiple universes, the duality of chaos and orders, and the math/physics that underpins all of this. He has made them all into this one set and it is chaos all around.

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Chaos engineering has emerged as an increasingly essential process to maintain reliability for applications in cloud native environments. Unlike pre-production testing, chaos engineering involves determining when and how software might break in production by testing it in a non-production scenario.

Think of chaos engineering as an overlap between reliability testing and experimenting with code and applications across a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, by obtaining metrics and data about how an application might fail when certain errors are induced.

Indeed, chaos engineering has become increasingly critical for DevOps teams, especially those seeking to increase agility by being able to apply chaos engineering to the very beginning of the production cycle. It is also seen as a way to help remove the much-talked-about silos between developer, security and operations DevOps team members, by allowing all teams to take part in chaos engineering without slowing down the production cycle. 041b061a72


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