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Buying A Car In Nevada

Nevada's pristine desert contrasts with the sights, sounds and neon of its most famous city - Las Vegas. There is a lot of money flowing in and out of Nevada on any given day, and as a result the state boasts a healthy automotive industry that caters to everyone from high rollers on down to everyday commuters. When buying a new car in Nevada, it's better to be prepared than it is to be dazzled by the bright lights or hot sun reflecting off the sand. This guide discusses the fees and forms associated with registering and titling a vehicle in the Silver State, as well as which cities offer the best selection of new vehicle dealerships.

buying a car in nevada


When buying a car, check for whether the vehicle had been stolen or declared a total loss by an insurance company. The VINCheck service, recommended recently in Consumer Reports Money Adviser, is free and made available through the National Insurance Crime Bureau. But just like CarFax or AutoCheck -- paid services -- none will guarantee that the car is pristine. Its best to take it to a trusted mechanic who should be able to tell you whether its been in a major accident or in a flood.

It is difficult to prove false statements especially if you later sign a contract stating that you are buying the vehicle "as is" or "with all defects". It is best to have another person present as a witness to your conversations with the dealer. It is also wise to read all documents before signing and to insist that any spoken promises about the car's condition or the dealer's obligation to repair defects are placed in writing. If the dealer will not put his promises in writing they may not be enforceable by a court.

WHAT FEES SHOULD I PAY?Most commonly, there are three categories of car-buying fees: vehicle registration fees, sales tax and a document fee or "doc fee". To understand how they work and what to expect., see Edmunds

The law also implies a WARRANTY of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If the seller has reason to know the purpose for which you are buying your vehicle (example: to get to and from work) and that you are relying on the seller's skill and judgment in helping you select a car to fit that purpose then you may be covered.

Repairs and accidents will not show up in a vehicle history if they go unreported to an insurance company and authorities. This is crucial information and may be a problem in a private car sale. Buying a car should be a good feeling. Be wary if you feel pressured into buying a car.

Visiting a used-only car dealership can be just as exciting as touring a lot with all-new vehicles on display. At Mountain West Auto, we've got a massive used inventory of attractive, reliable automobiles that are priced to sell. Whether you need a car, truck, or SUV, you can choose from late-model options that include some of the most cutting-edge features and capabilities available around Reno. We've also got many eye-catchingclassics for sale that have been impeccably well-maintained. Our purchasing team and our own trusted mechanics have worked to ensure thatbuying a used auto from us is always an outstanding experience near Sparks.

Our finance team designs every financing plan around our customers' budgets. You can expect a plan that's comprehensive, feasiblemonthly payments and the lowest available interest rate. It's our mission to make buying your next used car easier than ever - and totallyfree of stress.

We make shopping for your next used car easy, and we alwaysput our customers first. Whether you're on a tighter budget or you prefer buying used, our team is ready and waiting to make you an offer you won't find anywhere else. We're also ready to properly maintain yourcar, truck or SUV, even if you didn't buy it from us.

Proudly Serving Northern Nevada, we will do everything we can to mark YOUR used car and truck buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. With competitive prices offered on every used vehicle for sale on our lot, you won't find a reason to visit any other used car dealership in Reno.

Car buying can be an unpleasant experience, but online shopping makes it easier. You can either complete the entire process online or use the internet to research before heading to the dealership. Whichever route you go, make sure you know as much as possible about the vehicle, as well as any documents you sign, to avoid losing money on a bad purchase. 041b061a72


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