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Rustam Rams
Rustam Rams

[S1E7] Special Sauce

The MIR Space Station crashes on Kenny McCormick at the bus stop on October 30, killing him. He is taken to the morgue where he is drained and filled with embalming fluid. However, one of the two coroner's bottle of Worcestershire sauce falls into the embalming fluid, contaminating it and turns Kenny into a zombie. He breaks out of the morgue, biting the coroners on his way out.

[S1E7] Special Sauce

Miley's dad Robby is shopping for her birthday, but Miley hates everything he buys her. She tells Lilly, and explains the birthday presents he gave her years ago, which included a flowery dress Miley spilled spaghetti cream sauce and tomato sauce on it so she would never have to wear it again. Lilly understands and Miley convinces her to go the mall and help her dad pick out something cute. Miley and Lilly go to the mall and Lilly runs over to Robby Ray, asking him casual questions about Miley's gift. Miley hides behind racks of clothing and watches from afar. Robbie Ray picks out numerous outfits and asks Lilly about them. Lilly turns to Miley and watches her reaction, then gives him her answer. Everything is going fine until a rude sales clerk tells Miley to buy something or get lost. Miley pretends to leave but secretly changes into the clothes on a mannequin of Hannah Montana in the store and pretends to be the mannequin.

A turkey secretly packed with Granny's explosive hot sauce threatens to ruin Christmas dinner for good. Ryan is called to investigate, but is forced to bring his niece and nephew along for the mission. Will he be able to show the rambunctious twins patience and keep his cool long enough to stop... 041b061a72


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