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Keith Ghilino
Keith Ghilino

Capleton- Raggy Road EXCLUSIVE

It is a happy coincidence that two of my all-time favourite Jamaican popular music performers, Capleton and Burning Spear, have songs with similar titles which use travelling by road to represent life struggles, through which they are assisted spiritually.

Capleton- Raggy Road

Lyrically, Raggy Road has much more words than Road Foggy - which does not mean that one or the other says less or more. And they both speak about difficulties on the road, which can be taken literally or figuratively. What they do have in common, though, is a commitment to Jah to take the traveller through difficulties.

The Constabulary Communications Unit reported that at about 5:10 Tuesday morning, the artist was traveling with three persons when his vehicle hit a tree stump along the Cocoa Walk main road in Llandewey and overturned. He escaped with minor injuries. 041b061a72


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