A hydration tracker you attach to your favorite water bottle. A fun and easy way to keep track of your optimal daily water intake to stay hydrated.

How it Works: All of the elastic bands easily slide onto your bottle for set up. The top wider band remains as the base. Then you slide off a lower band, one by one with every full bottle you consume. Refill, drink, slide off another band, and repeat until you reach your determined hydration goal. The band system is motivating and helps you to assess your progress and meet your hydration goal for the day.

Being a professional dancer, educator and wellness coach, I see countless individuals who do not consume enough water daily to maintain a healthy hydration level. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function properly. The benefit of staying hydrated are numerous including enhanced energy, better mood, removes toxins, aids in digestion, helps to fight illness and much more!

Hydration Equation: A great way to determine your average daily water intake is a simple equation. Take one half of your body weight and drink that amount in fluid ounces. For youth and children you can use the similar equation. Take into consideration everyone's activity level as well as hot climates.

Be Inspired: Hydra-Ties are a positive way to challenge yourself and others to commit to a more healthy lifestyle! Enjoy the benefits of Hydra-Ties and share with a friend. Tell them about Hydra-Ties or purchase some for gifts.


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  • If damaged, replacement or refund of Hydra-Ties available up to 30 days after purchase.

  • Designed for cylinder container circumference of 9 inches to 12 inches


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