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Verdi - Aida - Grand March

Many composers have written a triumphal march, with maybe the best known one being by Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi for his 1871 grand opera, Aida, where, in the second act, Radames leads the Egyptian army on its return following their victory over the Ethiopians. The triumphal scene gives directors the opportunity for elaborate spectacle typical of the grand opera of the period in the nineteenth century.

Verdi - Aida - Grand March

Verdi's brilliant opera Aida contains some of the most stirring music ever written. The Triumphal March takes part in Act II when Egypt's victory is celebrated by a grand march with soldiers, dancers, banners, slaves and finally Rhadames, the hero of the battle in his golden chariot who meets Pharaoh.

Despite this early and localised dissent, with which I confess to sympathise, Aida has achieved enormous popularity. It has all the criteria of grand opera - elaborate spectacle in four or five acts, with rousing choruses and a ballet - combined with the drama of a love triangle. The sumptuous, cumulative music of the triumphal scene, shifting from massed trumpets to choral outburst, grand march to Moorish dance, has a majesty matched only by Wagner in Die Meistersinger. No wonder Raymond Gubbay, maestro of arena opera, chose it for his latest venture to mark Verdi's centenary year. 041b061a72


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