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Scarface The Fix Full Album Zip \/\/FREE\\\\

The Fix is the seventh studio album by American rapper Scarface. The album was released on August 6, 2002. The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart, with well over 160,000 copies sold in its 1st week. Guest artists on the album include Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Nas, Faith Evans, and WC. Producers include Mike Dean, Kanye West, Tony Pizarro, Nottz, and The Neptunes.

Scarface The Fix Full Album Zip

  • Released: August 6, 2002Uploaded: November 11, 2007Tracklist:The Fix

  • Safe

  • In Cold Blood

  • Guess Who's Back feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel

  • On My Block

  • Keep Me Down

  • What Can I Do? feat. Kelly Price

  • In Between Us feat. Nas & Tanya Herron

  • Someday feat. Faith Evans

  • Sellout

  • Heaven feat. Kelly Price

  • I Ain't The One feat. WC

  • Fixed

  • File Size: 88 MBDOWNLOAD: SharebeeINFO: WikipediaINCLUDED:Full Album Artwork

  • Full Album Lyrics

  • All Tracks Are 256 kbps

Underground9 Overview:"The Fix" is my favorite Scarface album, it was released with extremely positive reviews and is known for receiving a full rating from the legendary magazine The Source.The song "What Can I Do?" amazed me with it's deep lyrics accompanied by Kelly Price's beautiful voice, definitely one of the greatest tracks of all time.The production is very good, i always thought that some of the beats were not right for Scarface's flow, but it still doesn't disappoint.Another standout song is "In Between Us" in which both Nas and Scarface lay down some dope verses and even the extremely long and almost painful solo from Tanya Herron can't manage to ruin it, the beat on this track is very nice.On this album you can hear a different side of Scarface's personality, on the previous albums he appeared with rough lyrics and beats while on this one he goes on a more spiritual direction, definitely at his best.Flow & Lyrics: 9 /10Beats: 8 /10Here you can read the full review on HipHopDXHere you can read the full review on AllMusicDownload and enjoy.

The PC port is missing the effects that cause windshields on cars to look broken on the console versions; the windshield is now either fully intact or totally destroyed. Blood effects on clothing and skin from the PlayStation 2 version is also missing.[1][2]

After debuting with the Odd Squad mid-decade, he'd become a somewhat reluctant solo star with 1998's The Dude. Now officially rechristened "Devin The Dude" by Scarface, he'd enjoyed some high profile successes: appearing on the hit single "Sex Faces" with 'Face, Too $hort and Tela; as well as guesting on "F**k You" from Dr. Dre's multiplatinum-selling 1999 album 2001. But even with superstar co-signs, Devin was adamant about remaining Devin. His sophomore album would still be the Texas rapper remaining true to himself, but there was definitely a bigger budget this time around.

Beyond smoking the finest California tree, Devin and Co. found themselves in a musical groove while working on his second album. And now, major names were coming through to work with him. Dr. Dre had gotten to know Devin The Dude after working on 2001, and The Doctor contributed the standout track "It's A Shame" to what was becoming Just Tryin' Ta Live. With Pooh Bear singing on the hook, the song was a track that Dre reportedly dreamt.

"They couldn't clear the sample," Devin says about the song. "He found that out. My manager Rico got in touch with him and...he just asked me to send the acapella mix out to him. In two or three days, he had a reference track. We were about to wrap up the album. There was only about two weeks or so; se didn't have much time, there wasn't a lot of time for production to happen. He did it quick and sent it back and I listened to it over the phone and I was like 'man, that's jamming, but where are the cuts?'"

Suave House legend T-Mix is behind the boards for "Some of 'Em." The track features some of the Memphis rap beatsmith's most distinct production, and it boasts guest verses from Xzibit and Nas. Tracks like "Whatever" and "Would Ya?" trade in the kind of gleeful misogyny that would have Devin trending across social media in the 2020s, but they're put across with his tongue-in-cheek humor and wit. His knack for comedic sex raps is on full display in the latter, and Devin is in rare form, slyly propositioning and poking fun all at once.

Raphael Saadiq guests on the ode to relationships "Just A Man." Devin's skills as a crooner have always been evident, and his chemistry with the soulful singer-songwriter is formidable. The song is one of the most heartfelt moments on the album, as Devin gets introspective about infidelity while maintaining his ever-present sense of humor.

Mississippi's David Banner helms the album's title track, a song that aptly sums up the spirit of the album. The slow-rolling southern groove of "Just Tryin' To Live" is the appropriate album closer, as it sounds like Devin cruising off into the night, hazily rapping in his Lacville '79 and reflecting on the road that got him here. And expertly capping an album that would be one of his best.

Just Tryin' To Live avoids so many of the typical trappings of early 2000s rap; there is no preoccupation with flossing or dusting off enemies and haters. Devin instead opts for endlessly relatable stories about weed, sex and his boys; all delivered with more insight and observational brilliance than many, more "serious" albums from Hip-Hop's most acclaimed. In opting for everymanism, Devin The Dude stood out amongst the crowd.

...To Live didn't become a huge commercial seller, but it cemented Devin The Dude as one of the best album-makers in Hip-Hop. And, in recording with some titanic talents, it gave Devin a blueprint for how to push himself as an artist.

"The final product matched exactly what I wanted," he says. "I didn't want it to blow up and be real big. I didn't want to be some famous celebrity guy. I just wanted to remain Devin. That's it. I didn't even want to call myself 'The Dude.' Face gave me that name because of the album! The album came out exactly how I wanted it to because I had so much help. Big names and friends I grew up with."

BIG IMPORTANT NOTE HERE - if you want OBS Classic to recognize the game in windowed mode, we can't use fullscreen borderless. In other words, your game screen can't be the same resolution as your monitor as modern games allow you to do this for alt-tabbing purposes. OBS Classic can't recognize Scarface in this manner which is why I personally prefer doing a 720p capture.

Most of the other settings in DXWnd are irrelevant for our situation as we mostly just want it to be recognized in OBS and playable. We have the window selection fixed to our liking, now we just need to make sure the mouse stays in the window. To do this, we go under the Input tab, look under Cursor Clipper (second on the left side) and make sure that it is in the ON position. This forces the mouse to stay within the windowed game window like a normal fullscreen game operates.

This is a comprehensive guide on how to get Scarface working on your PC and what my stream setup looks like. I can only attest this working on Windows 7 but the guide I borrowed this from says it will work on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. It is not guaranteed to work and I am not responsible for any screw ups you do to your computer. I recommend reading the whole guide throughly to keep yourself from screwing up things.First off, the issue with Scarface not running on anything other than XP has to do with how it renders pixels. Whatever plugins they used to code the game they are not liked by newer operating systems. The simple fix that we're going to implement here is Wine. For those familiar with Linux systems, you may have or already use Wine. Wine lets you use Windows applications under Linux based systems, but it just so happens that some plugins can be used to re-render Scarface on newer Windows operating systems.The plugins we are using here are under the Wine D3D for Windows [Link]( =wined3d/index.frag). Essentially, they re-render Direct3D pixels through an OpenGL wrapper based on the Wine D3D that Linux uses, allowing us to play Scarface on our newer operating systems. So how do we get this working? We follow the steps listed below:1. Make sure your Scarface is on Patch 1.00.2 before attempting these steps.2. Download Wine D3D for Windows v1.6.2 - [Link]( Locate your Scarface directory (usually it's under c:\Program Files (x86)\Radical Games\Scarface\)4. Copy the contents **d3d9.dll, libwine.dll, and wined3d.dll** to this directory (the same folder where the Scarface.exe is located). Be sure you do NOT copy the whole zip contents folder over. They have more plugins than what is needed and your game will just not work.5. If you reached this step, attempt to start your game. If it works, you're golden. Otherwise, you may have to look into other methods such as 3Dripper - [Link]( =cfBKrjacRSE)If you reached this part and your game is running then you are good to go. If you want to stream this game, read more below.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you thought getting this game to work on newer operating systems was bad, getting it to stream is probably worse. For starters, I've only managed to get OBS Classic to recognize a windowed mode of the game. Secondly, it tends to crash at random intervals later in the run, possibly due to memory or graphics overload, I'm not sure which. As such, I recommend saving often.The first step to getting it stre


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