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Rustam Rams

Stick Fight The Game Cheats

finally, netease also offers you a great platform, which let you step into a world with unlimited experiences and amazing. this game really is an awesome game that you can play whenever and wherever you want. it is so realistic that it make you feel like you are really fighting a battle. what you need to do is just to click to defeat your enemies and you can also play it with your friends.

Stick Fight The Game Cheats

to help you complete the challenges, the game also provides a huge collection of accessible weapons which can be used to deal great damages to your foes. on top of that, these are not regular weapons, theyre funny weapons. which would not make your firepower any stronger, but still, its hilarious watching them operate. for example, you can find guns that shoot out snakes or useless bombs for killing yourself. as they always said, sacrificing could also be an option.

the sword is quite misleading in the achievement picture, it is actually done with the standard block (right click) rather than with a sword. you must win the round to get the achievement, so it is easiest in a two-player game. the time bubble has the slowest projectile, thus making it the easiest to reflect. setting the max hp to 1 through the game settings also makes it a lot easier.

and sometimes, constantly battling with the ai or even your friends could be quite boring, so netease games also players to join players from all around the world in online battles. make use of all your skills and abilities to defeat the enemies and bring glory to your nation. in additions, compete with other top players to see you can claim the title of champion


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