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Buy Upper Receiver

We have Complete AR-15 Upper Receivers, including barrels, buttstocks, buffers, spring tubes, and the correct parts kits for installation on your lower receiver. Whether you're building your own or customizing an existing AR, we've got the supplies to meet your AR-15 upper receiver needs. Browse our many calibers, from 5.56mm NATO and .300 AAC Blackout to pistol calibers like 9mm. Have fun, and let your imagination go wild with the possibilities. Some shoppers buy multiple different receivers all at once to give themselves variety and versatility for their AR rifles or AR pistols. Shop for Aero Precision AR15 Upper Receivers, TRYBE Defense AR15 Upper Receivers, CMMG, Inc AR15 Upper Receivers, and tons of other high-quality receivers for AR-15 rifles.

buy upper receiver

Bolt carrier group: The bolt carrier group, or BCG, is the part of the upper receiver that houses the bolt, which is responsible for loading and firing the rounds. Look for a high-quality bolt carrier group that is properly staked and has a chrome-lined interior.

Yes, buying an upper receiver for an AR-15 does not require an FFL (Federal Firearms License), so you can legally purchase it online. Of course, always refer to your local and state laws, as some areas may not allow such purchases.

Building an AR-15 upper receiver from scratch can be more cost-effective than buying a pre-built upper receiver, especially if you already have some of the necessary tools and equipment. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select individual components and customize the rifle to suit your specific needs and preferences.

On the other hand, buying a complete upper receiver can be more convenient and may save time, especially if you do not have the necessary tools and expertise to assemble the components yourself. However, pre-built upper receivers can be more expensive and may not offer the same level of customization as a build from scratch.

As a general rule, if you want a specific setup or caliber not commonly found on commercial receivers, building your own is the way to go if you have the knowledge or the willingness to learn. If not, it is more cost-effective to buy a pre-built upper receiver. Also, note that purchasing quality upper parts could be more expensive than using lower quality parts, but it will affect the accuracy and durability of your rifle in the long run.

Kirk from Aero Precision reviews the additional components you will need after purchasing an AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver. Components covered include the upper receiver, bolt carrier group, charging handle, barrel, muzzle device, gas tube, gas block and handguard.

The first thing you will need for an AR15 Upper Receiver build is either a stripped OR assembled upper receiver. If you purchase a stripped upper receiver you will also need to purchase an upper parts kit which includes the forward assist and dust cover assembly. These components are already installed on an assembled upper receiver.

The handguard slides over the barrel and attaches to your upper receiver. It protects your hand from the heat of the barrel when shooting while providing mounting solutions for accessories such as sights, bipods or flashlights. The handguard is very much so a personal choice. We offer them in several different lengths and configurations. Below are a few things to note about our offerings:

Once you get all the parts you need, you are ready to start building! If you are uncomfortable with the building process you can always take your components to a local gunsmith or armorer to have your upper receiver assembled. We do also offer complete AR15 upper receivers on our website if you prefer to purchase an assembly. Upper receivers can be shipped directly to your home as long as there are no controlled items on the same order.

Reach out and touch something with this upper in soft-shooting rifle gas length configuration. 1:7 twist stainless steel barrel is perfect for precision shooting with heavier bullets. Comes with a flash suppressor.

These barreled uppers are for Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) applications or the easier-to-do AR-15 pistol configuration. Make sure you follow all laws, such as having a pistol lower already before purchasing.

Not sure why everyone thinks Colt products Are so great. They lost military contracts for a reason. I was involved in DoD testing of Colt against 2 other competitors (that is all there was at the time). Colt came in last inEvery category we tested. Even today, they log more complaints about their uppers over Everyone else. The QC is lacking.

Did not read all the comments. But didn't see any listing about White Oak Armament or Odin. Which both list complete uppers. Seen the Noveske and was understand these 3 to be some what in the same class. Of coarse it like Ford and Chevrolet!!!!!!!

I've built a few ar15s and an ar10 and have bought a few of them fully assembled. The Diamondback,2- DPMS, and Spikes Tactical were fully assembled The ar10 I built with a polymer lower with a Delta Team Tactical upper and an ar15 polymer lower with upper. Each has different trigger assemblies and optics, Not to take away from your experience with ar15s but I'm not a list person and I buy what I like and can afford. Just because someone spends a bunch of money on a "top tier" rifle doesn't mean their not gonna have problems or accuracy issues. A lot depends on the person that owns the rifle, how they take care of it, the optics, the trigger, etc. My friend bought an aero precision cause he seen a list somewhere that they were better than one of the DPMSs I own. He found out that lists of high dollar rifles aren't all that when my DPMS out shot his. Out of all my ARs my first DPMS is by far my go to gun for hunting, range shooting, etc. I've shot more deer, varmints, hogs, with that rifle and have never had an issue of any kind and no, you didn't hurt my feelings by putting DPMS at the bottom tier my point is that people shouldn't be afraid to purchase any of the bottom tier rifles cause a list says you have to spend crazy money to have a dependable and accurate rifle. Its just not true.

If your talking about Bear Creek Arsenal, I have two uppers 300 Blackout and 458 Socom,. Both perform as expectedwithout problems. They are not top of the line so your mileage will/may vary. Check with other who have them, see if theyhave issues. I am happy with mine.

The listed retailers are the end result of parts tree of life. The higher the price, the more middle men. Not necessarily, the higher the quality. You want to look for a combination of high quality individual parts, absolutely NOT mil-spec, the lowest quality, and performance tier; Combined with assemblers exhibiting high quality assurance (you're way past the quality control stage), and extreme attention to detail. So if you buy a rifle with a flag engraved on both sides, They should conform to either, official flag flying specs, like on a jeep, or aircraft; Or to your specific order specs. If you bring up quality control, or attention to detail, and the seller says- that costs money! Go someplace else, because the first three steps in making anything are, attention to detail, quality control, and quality assurance, before you charge penny one. I don't want to list my favorites after going through M's, AR's, and M's again since 1970! Luckily, with all officially supplied ammo. I want you, the future buyer, to become a well educated, well informed, conscious, buyer, so you can pay it forward.To review- price does not necessarily equate to quality. Mil-spec is the lowest quality level on the market. Endeavour to always exceed mil-spec. The critical components are- matched upper/lower sets that DO NOT open like a mil-spec hinge. Bolt carrier to upper receiver slop on fore/aft movement. Bolt to barrel extension precise, smooth, interaction. Bolt to bolt carrier precise, smooth, non wobbling interaction. Bore, centered precisely in the barrel. (BTSeenT). Barrel precisely, and correctly positioned in the barrel extension. Barrel extension, with correct feed ramp, correctly centered in upper receiver, to correctly feed a round. Correct chamber for your chosen round. I have had all 3. For me, the best, constantly reliable, was the 5.56 military chamber. It ate/eats anything. .223 chambers can be quirky with 5.56 rounds.. (ever found blown primers in your barrel extension? ) And the Wilde chambers can be quirky with all but specific sized reloads. So talk with the chamber expert in the shop when deciding which chamber to use/request. And recognize that AR-X may love one brand of ammo, and shoot it dead on where you want, but with super high priced g-whiz ammo, it may turn into a clunker gun! 041b061a72


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