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Software To Unlock Mac Efi

Mac EFI Unlock Software is very easy to use, like all other tools designed by Checkm8. Its user-friendly interface and on-screen guide allow even inexperienced users to easily unlock EFI Firmware passcode on their Macs. The software works only with Mac computers with T2 security chips which are: MacBook Pro and Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro & Mini.

Software To Unlock Mac Efi

3.Put the EFI locked Mac into DFU mode. The software will detect your Mac in DFU mode and display its tech specs, including the ECID number required to be entered in the order form. The ECID number of your locked Mac will be entered into the Checkm8 database.

This is not a problem anymore as Mac EFI Unlock Software was designed by the Checkm8 team to solve these issues. Just place your order and Checkm8 Software will unlock EFI Passcode on your T2 Mac in 1 click!

In most cases, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the Mac which has a locked firmware password in order for them to unlock the computer in question. There may be exceptions for a variety of unusual circumstances, discuss those with them if necessary.

A few hours later I thought I would do the Cmd-R on the old machine to ensure I had a clean OS on it and all of my data was gone. I did the install OS command and it downloaded the OS from the internet and rebooted. Then it presented me with the firmware lock, which I had never set. I entered the admin password I had used. No luck. I entered my iCloud password. No luck. Then I thought about it and entered 123456. It unlocked the firmware password. Phwew.

On 2010 and older macbooks the RAM trick works just fine. But 2011 and newer requires either having a utility to rewrite the efi chip, have apple unlock it, or replace the efi chip with another programmed one. I always replace the chips and it works great.

Users can unlock the firmware password as described above, but Apple wants the original receipt because they want proof of ownership, they are not going to unlock the firmware password for a stolen Mac, for example.

It's like the brand new, out of the box, MacBookAir I bought from the PX. I locked it up, and took it into have it unlocked by Apple. Since I no longer had the sales slip, they said I stole the computer. That's Apple for you.

The EFI lock requires a bios chip change or an external software to calculate the lock code. The bios chip is a legless chip located usually under the mainboard. Get a chip from eBay already preprogrammed and get a skilled technician to make the change.

No it will probably not work because the software is basically a reporting device that the hardware needs to tell you if there is a password on the computer. Basically what I am saying is that Mac builds there software in a way that when it boots up it checks the hardware to see if there is a password on the hardware. no matter which OS x you put on there if it's the stock one from Apple without any modifications it will check the onboard chips and report back to you that there is a password or pin lock on it. I can tell you that I have tinkered with the software many years ago and I was also able to load Windows on to the Mac natively because Windows obviously does not check EFI password and security so you would have to preload Windows and try it for fun. As of now the only real way to do it is via hardware method if Apple will not do it that's the way I do it now I just interface with a programmer on to the motherboard pin connectors and erase the area of Memory that contains the password and the icloud information. Hope this helps you out.

Was skeptical if it will work, got the device, plugged it in, and at first it just blinked RED. So restarted the process, and it worked. Blinked Green after few seconds and it unlocked. Actually works. Unlocked a MacBook 2015 A1502 2909

I have a locked iMac 27" 5K bought in Mediamarkt in Holland were I live, can you tell me where I can buy this circuit board with preprogrammed bios chip? The shop has never told me that I needed an EFI code, they want me to pay 150 EURO = $180 for repair, they say : software problems are not coverd by the warranty!

The Genius Bar people can reset the firmware password but they will need a proof of purchase for the original purchase. I have the same problem with a MacBook my college roommate gave me and they told me he has to provide them with the original proof of purchase (or the credit card he used to buy it since he bought it at the Apple Store) in order to unlock it.

Still the same method of unlocking it is to rewrite the chip using an eeprom programmer and for those that bought their products off of eBay and had problems and issues I had been told by a person that I worked on their machine that I could not do it was a 2018 the 2019 with the new t2 chip that if you just get a police report and send it to eBay they will refund your money for the purchase

Yes, you right. But you can bypass this Activation Lock by skipping activation step on the computer hardware, which the T2 chip controls. It can be done by checkm8 exploit. The Checkm8 dev team create software that can bypass Mac Activation Lock Bypass, you can download it from -activation-lock...

By starting up FileVault in the Security system preferences, the entire disk will be encrypted and will not be accessible via Target Disk Mode (or even when physically removed from the system) unless you first attach it to a system that supports CoreStorage and then provide a password to unlock the disk.

  • The SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4 kernel was updated to receive varioussecurity and bugfixes.The following security bugs were fixed:CVE-2022-28748: Fixed a leak of kernel memory over the network by ax88179_178a devices (bsc#1196018).

  • CVE-2022-1882: Fixed a use-after-free flaw in free_pipe_info() that could allow a local user to crash or potentially escalate their privileges on the system (bsc#1199904).

  • CVE-2022-2964: Fixed memory corruption issues in ax88179_178a devices (bnc#1202686).

  • CVE-2022-3169: Fixed an denial of service though request to NVME_IOCTL_RESET and NVME_IOCTL_SUBSYS_RESET (bsc#1203290).

  • CVE-2022-33981: Fixed a use-after-free in floppy driver (bnc#1200692).

  • CVE-2022-3424: Fixed use-after-free in gru_set_context_option(), gru_fault() and gru_handle_user_call_os() that could lead to kernel panic (bsc#1204166).

  • CVE-2022-3435: Fixed an out-of-bounds read in fib_nh_match() of the file net/ipv4/fib_semantics.c (bsc#1204171).

  • CVE-2022-3521: Fixed race condition in kcm_tx_work() in net/kcm/kcmsock.c (bnc#1204355).

  • CVE-2022-3524: Fixed memory leak in ipv6_renew_options() in the IPv6 handler (bnc#1204354).

  • CVE-2022-3526: Fixed a memory leak in macvlan_handle_frame() from drivers/net/macvlan.c (bnc#1204353).

  • CVE-2022-3545: Fixed use-after-free in area_cache_get() in drivers/net/ethernet/netronome/nfp/nfpcore/nfp_cppcore.c (bnc#1204415).

  • CVE-2022-3565: Fixed use-after-free in del_timer() in drivers/isdn/mISDN/l1oip_core.c (bnc#1204431).

  • CVE-2022-3621: Fixed null pointer dereference in nilfs_bmap_lookup_at_level() in fs/nilfs2/inode.c (bnc#1204574).

  • CVE-2022-3625: Fixed use-after-free in devlink_param_set()/devlink_param_get() in net/core/devlink.c (bnc#1204637).

  • CVE-2022-3628: Fixed potential buffer overflow in brcmf_fweh_event_worker() in wifi/brcmfmac (bsc#1204868).

  • CVE-2022-3640: Fixed use-after-free in l2cap_conn_del() in net/bluetooth/l2cap_core.c (bnc#1204619).

  • CVE-2022-3646: Fixed memory leak in nilfs_attach_log_writer() in fs/nilfs2/segment.c (bnc#1204646).

  • CVE-2022-40476: Fixed a null pointer dereference in fs/io_uring.c (bnc#1203435).

  • CVE-2022-40768: Fixed information disclosure in stex_queuecommand_lck (bnc#1203514).

  • CVE-2022-43750: Fixed vulnerability in usbmon that allowed a user-space client to corrupt the monitor's internal memory (bnc#1204653).

  • The following non-security bugs were fixed:acpi: APEI: do not add task_work to kernel thread to avoid memory leak (git-fixes).

  • acpi: HMAT: Release platform device in case of platform_device_add_data() fails (git-fixes).

  • acpi: extlog: Handle multiple records (git-fixes).

  • acpi: tables: FPDT: Do not call acpi_os_map_memory() on invalid phys address (git-fixes).

  • acpi: video: Add Toshiba Satellite/Portege Z830 quirk (git-fixes).

  • acpi: video: Make backlight class device registration a separate step (v2) (git-fixes).

  • acpi: x86: Add a quirk for Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 for StorageD3Enable (git-fixes).

  • alsa: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing timer (git-fixes).

  • alsa: ac97: fix possible memory leak in snd_ac97_dev_register() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: aoa: Fix I2S device accounting (git-fixes).

  • alsa: aoa: i2sbus: fix possible memory leak in i2sbus_add_dev() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: asihpi - Remove useless code in hpi_meter_get_peak() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: au88x0: use explicitly signed char (git-fixes).

  • alsa: dmaengine: increment buffer pointer atomically (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/cs_dsp_ctl: Fix mutex inversion when creating controls (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hda/hdmi: Do not skip notification handling during PM operation (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/hdmi: Fix the converter allocation for the silent stream (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/hdmi: Fix the converter reuse for the silent stream (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/hdmi: change type for the 'assigned' variable (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: Add Intel Reference SSID to support headset keys (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: Add another HP ZBook G9 model quirks (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GV601R laptop (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS Zenbook using CS35L41 (bsc#1203922).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: Correct pin configs for ASUS G533Z (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda/realtek: remove ALC289_FIXUP_DUAL_SPK for Dell 5530 (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda: Fix position reporting on Poulsbo (git-fixes).

  • alsa: hda: cs35l41: Remove suspend/resume hda hooks (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hda: cs35l41: Support System Suspend (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hda: hda_cs_dsp_ctl: Ensure pwr_lock is held before reading/writing controls (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hda: hda_cs_dsp_ctl: Minor clean and redundant code removal (bsc#1203699).

  • alsa: hiface: fix repeated words in comments (git-fixes).

  • alsa: line6: Replace sprintf() with sysfs_emit() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: line6: remove line6_set_raw declaration (git-fixes).

  • alsa: oss: Fix potential deadlock at unregistration (git-fixes).

  • alsa: rawmidi: Drop register_mutex in snd_rawmidi_free() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: rme9652: use explicitly signed char (git-fixes).

  • alsa: scarlett2: Add Focusrite Clarett+ 8Pre support (git-fixes).

  • alsa: scarlett2: Add support for the internal "standalone" switch (git-fixes).

  • alsa: scarlett2: Split scarlett2_config_items[] into 3 sections (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Add mixer mapping for Gigabyte B450/550 Mobos (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Add quirk to enable Avid Mbox 3 support (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Add quirks for M-Audio Fast Track C400/600 (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Fix NULL dererence at error path (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Fix last interface check for registration (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Fix potential memory leaks (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Fix regression with Dell Dock jack detection (bsc#1204719).

  • alsa: usb-audio: Register card at the last interface (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: make read-only array marker static const (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: remove redundant assignment to variable c (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb-audio: scarlett2: Use struct_size() helper in scarlett2_usb() (git-fixes).

  • alsa: usb/6fire: fix repeated words in comments (git-fixes).

  • arm64/bti: Disable in kernel BTI when cross section thunks are broken (git-fixes)

  • arm64/mm: Consolidate TCR_EL1 fields (git-fixes).

  • arm64: dts: imx8mp: Add snps,gfladj-refclk-lpm-sel quirk to USB nodes (git-fixes).

  • arm64: dts: imx8mq-librem5: Add bq25895 as max17055's power supply (git-fixes).

  • arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Cleanup the lpasscc node (git-fixes).

  • arm64: dts: ti: k3-j7200: fix main pinmux range (git-fixes).

  • arm64: ftrace: fix module PLTs with mcount (git-fixes).

  • arm64: mte: Avoid setting PG_mte_tagged if no tags cleared or restored (git-fixes).

  • arm64: topology: move store_cpu_topology() to shared code (git-fixes).

  • arm: 9242/1: kasan: Only map modules if CONFIG_KASAN_VMALLOC=n (git-fixes).

  • arm: 9244/1: dump: Fix wrong pg_level in walk_pmd() (git-fixes).

  • arm: 9247/1: mm: set readonly for MT_MEMORY_RO with ARM_LPAE (git-fixes).

  • arm: Drop CMDLINE_* dependency on ATAGS (git-fixes).

  • arm: decompressor: Include (git-fixes).

  • arm: defconfig: clean up multi_v4t and multi_v5 configs (git-fixes).

  • arm: defconfig: drop CONFIG_PTP_1588_CLOCK=y (git-fixes).

  • arm: defconfig: drop CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP references (git-fixes).

  • arm: defconfig: drop CONFIG_USB_FSL_USB2 (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: armada-38x: Add gpio-ranges for pin muxing (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: exynos: correct s5k6a3 reset polarity on Midas family (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: exynos: fix polarity of VBUS GPIO of Origen (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: fix Moxa SDIO 'compatible', remove 'sdhci' misnomer (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6dl: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6q: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: hook up DDC i2c bus (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6qp: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6sl: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6sll: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx6sx: add missing properties for sram (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: imx7d-sdb: config the max pressure for tsc2046 (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: integrator: Tag PCI host with device_type (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: kirkwood: lsxl: fix serial line (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: kirkwood: lsxl: remove first ethernet port (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: turris-omnia: Add label for wan port (git-fixes).

  • arm: dts: turris-omnia: Fix mpp26 pin name and comment (git-fixes).

  • asoc: SOF: pci: Change DMI match info to support all Chrome platforms (git-fixes).

  • asoc: codecs: tx-macro: fix kcontrol put (git-fixes).

  • asoc: da7219: Fix an error handling path in da7219_register_dai_clks() (git-fixes).

  • asoc: eureka-tlv320: Hold reference returned from of_find_xxx API (git-fixes).

  • asoc: fsl_sai: Remove unnecessary FIFO reset in ISR (git-fixes).

  • asoc: mt6359: fix tests for platform_get_irq() failure (git-fixes).

  • asoc: mt6660: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in mt6660_i2c_probe (git-fixes).

  • asoc: qcom: lpass-cpu: Mark HDMI TX parity register as volatile (git-fixes).

  • asoc: qcom: lpass-cpu: mark HDMI TX registers as volatile (git-fixes).

  • asoc: rsnd: Add check for rsnd_mod_power_on (git-fixes).

  • asoc: tas2764: Allow mono streams (git-fixes).

  • asoc: tas2764: Drop conflicting set_bias_level power setting (git-fixes).

  • asoc: tas2764: Fix mute/unmute (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wcd9335: fix order of Slimbus unprepare/disable (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wcd934x: fix order of Slimbus unprepare/disable (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wm5102: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm5102_probe (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wm5110: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm5110_probe (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wm8997: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm8997_probe (git-fixes).

  • asoc: wm_adsp: Handle optional legacy support (git-fixes).

  • ata: ahci-imx: Fix MODULE_ALIAS (git-fixes).

  • ata: fix ata_id_has_devslp() (git-fixes).

  • ata: fix ata_id_has_dipm() (git-fixes).

  • ata: fix ata_id_has_ncq_autosense() (git-fixes).

  • ata: fix ata_id_sense_reporting_enabled() and ata_id_has_sense_reporting() (git-fixes).

  • ata: libahci_platform: Sanity check the DT child nodes number (git-fixes).

  • ata: pata_legacy: fix pdc20230_set_piomode() (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix use-after-free caused by l2cap_reassemble_sdu (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix user-after-free (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: L2CAP: initialize delayed works at l2cap_chan_create() (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: RFCOMM: Fix possible deadlock on socket shutdown/release (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: btintel: Mark Intel controller to support LE_STATES quirk (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: hci_sysfs: Fix attempting to call device_add multiple times (git-fixes).

  • bluetooth: virtio_bt: Use skb_put to set length (git-fixes).

  • bnxt_en: Fix bnxt_refclk_read() (git-fixes).

  • bnxt_en: Fix bnxt_reinit_after_abort() code path (git-fixes).

  • bnxt_en: fix livepatch query (git-fixes).

  • bnxt_en: reclaim max resources if sriov enable fails (git-fixes).

  • bonding: 802.3ad: fix no transmission of LACPDUs (git-fixes).

  • bonding: ARP monitor spams NETDEV_NOTIFY_PEERS notifiers (git-fixes).

  • can: bcm: check the result of can_send() in bcm_can_tx() (git-fixes).

  • can: j1939: transport: j1939_session_skb_drop_old(): spin_unlock_irqrestore() before kfree_skb() (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb: Fix possible completions during init_completion (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb: Fix use of uninitialized completion (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: fix CAN clock frequency regression (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb: replace run-time checks with struct kvaser_usb_driver_info (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix CAN state after restart (git-fixes).

  • can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix TX queue out of sync after restart (git-fixes).

  • can: mcp251x: mcp251x_can_probe(): add missing unregister_candev() in error path (git-fixes).

  • can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_register_get_dev_id(): fix endianness conversion (git-fixes).

  • can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_register_get_dev_id(): use correct length to read dev_id (git-fixes).

  • can: mscan: mpc5xxx: mpc5xxx_can_probe(): add missing put_clock() in error path (git-fixes).

  • cgroup/cpuset: Enable update_tasks_cpumask() on top_cpuset (bsc#1204753).

  • clk: ast2600: BCLK comes from EPLL (git-fixes).

  • clk: at91: fix the build with binutils 2.27 (git-fixes).

  • clk: baikal-t1: Add SATA internal ref clock buffer (git-fixes).

  • clk: baikal-t1: Add shared xGMAC ref/ptp clocks internal parent (git-fixes).

  • clk: baikal-t1: Fix invalid xGMAC PTP clock divider (git-fixes).

  • clk: bcm2835: Make peripheral PLLC critical (git-fixes).

  • clk: bcm2835: Round UART input clock up (bsc#1188238)

  • clk: bcm2835: fix bcm2835_clock_rate_from_divisor declaration (git-fixes).

  • clk: bcm: rpi: Add support for VEC clock (bsc#1196632)

  • clk: berlin: Add of_node_put() for of_get_parent() (git-fixes).

  • clk: imx: scu: fix memleak on platform_device_add() fails (git-fixes).

  • clk: mediatek: mt8183: mfgcfg: Propagate rate changes to parent (git-fixes).

  • clk: meson: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent() (git-fixes).

  • clk: oxnas: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent() (git-fixes).

  • clk: qcom: apss-ipq6018: mark apcs_alias0_core_clk as critical (git-fixes).

clk: qcom: gcc-msm8916: use ARRAY_SIZE instead of


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