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From Beijing With Love Felirat Magyar

Taking place in Hunan Province and Beijing, Xiao Ming reminisces about his memories with his grandmother through his love for San Xian noodles. When Xiao Ming was young, he and his grandmother ate San Xian noodles from a local noodle shop that to him showed care and effort for their food. However, the shop closed down with speculation that the owners were pushed out due to jealousy or a client wanted them back in Beijing. Xiao Ming then went to another noodle shop in his town, and although the shop buys pre-made San Xian noodles, the noodle soup had many toppings much to Xiao Ming's satisfaction. Later, the husband of the owner of that noodle shop wanted the noodle shop to become a fishing shop. However, after bad business and the couple's son getting hospitalized in a knife fight with some students at his school, the noodle shop reopened with the husband and son of the owner working as well. Years later in Beijing, Xiao Ming went to a noodle shop that sold San Xian noodles that had fewer toppings and a higher price, which dissatisfied Xiao Ming. He later heard the news back in Hunan that his grandmother was dying and came back as soon as possible. Xiao Ming finally met his grandmother at his home minutes before her death and grieved. Xiao Ming later came back to the noodle shop in his town, and through its San Xian noodles, felt nostalgic of his times with his grandmother and was content with the future that was ahead of him.

From Beijing with Love felirat magyar

Taking place in Guangzhou, Yi Lin is a fashion model and her younger sister Lulu is a student in designing clothes. After getting drunk on her birthday and receiving a hangover, Yi Lin slept late for a fashion show evaluation. Yi Lin was also growing annoyed by Shui Jing, a fan of hers that was growing to become a competitor. Yi Lin, to compensate for this, exercised a great deal to look more attractive, though this became overbearing for her and she fainted in the upcoming fashion show. Yi Lin, seeing no purpose in continuing her career in the fashion industry, asked Lulu to help her learn how to design and sew clothes, triggering an argument between the two sisters. Yi Lin explained to her manager about her situation, and her manager gave her a slip to meet up at a place. Yi Lin comes to the place, which turns out to be an abandoned factory, and receives a surprise encounter from Lulu. Lulu gave Yi Lin a red dress, something that she had dreamed about earlier in the segment. It later turns out that a fashion show is being hosted in the factory. Thanks to the encouragement from Lulu and her manager, Yi Lin performed well in the show. Lulu later graduated and now designs clothes for Yi Lin, and Yi Lin had recently come back to prominence in the fashion industry, with both sisters had shown contentment in what they do.

Taking place in a shikumen in Shanghai from 1999 to the modern-day, Li Mo has a friendly relationship with Xiao Yu. After Xiao Yu got injured trying to go back home, Li Mo carried her on his back to her apartment. Since Xiao Yu could not go to school due to her injury, she asks Li Mo to record the lessons in cassette tapes so she may listen to the tapes and learn what she missed. Xiao Yu later responds back to Li Mo in cassette tapes and the two develop a romantic relationship with each other. Soon, Xiao Yu told Li Mo that her family is making her apply to an elite high school far away and that they would have to move away, angering Li Mo. Li Mo later decided to apply to the same high school, though the academic gap between Li Mo and Xiao Yu was large. Li Mo, through hard work and a studious behavior, got accepted into the high school, and when he went to Xiao Yu's apartment to tell the news, he learned that Xiao Yu is in the hospital after her father beat her for failing the application test. Li Mo did not get the chance to see her since his family had to move away to live close to the high school. Now an architect, Li Mo recently learned that Xiao Yu went to the United States to study abroad, much to his dissatisfaction. After finding a cassette tape from Xiao Yu, Li Mo went into his grandmother's home to find a recorder. The tape revealed to Li Mo that Xiao Yu purposely failed the application test to stay with Li Mo, prompting Li Mo to mourn for his actions. Years later, Li Mo, now taking care of his own motel in a renovated shikumen, sees Xiao Yu in the front door and smiles.

The next day, Luo Yin comes down with a cold. At school, Gu Hai gets two sleeping pills from the school's doctor and puts them to Luo Yin's water bottle. Unfortunately, the cold medicine Luo Yin took in the morning had already expired and that combined with the sleeping pills knocked him out unconscious in class. Gu Hai carries him to the nurse's office, gets him an IV drip, and stays behind to watch him. When Luo Yin wakes up and sees Gu Hai after ending up in a hospital bed, he asks Gu Hai why he is so bent on torturing him. Gu Hai responds that he is "ill" and that Luo Yin will have to endure some suffering in order for him to "get better."

Back at school the next day, test results are distributed and Luo Yin has one of the highest scores in the class. However, some jealous prat from another class (Wu Fang) barges in the room and starts insulting Luo Yin's mom, calling her a prostitute. Enraged, Gu hai knocks down Wu Fang and starts beating him up. The principal and teacher arrive to stop the fight and take Gu Hai away. Luo Yin waits for Gu Hai to return to class, worried that he had been expelled. Gu Hai comes back, assuring Luo Yin that he will be back tomorrow. Before leaving, Luo Yin notices blood stains on Gu Hai's jersey and exchanges the stained jersey with his own.

At the school, Gu Hai's girlfriend, Jin Lu Lu, is there, demanding to see Gu Hai. She wants him to come back home but he responds with that he likes it here and that she is being too rowdy and suspicious of everything. This is proven to be correct when a few minutes later, Lu Lu is wailing on a female student that was flirting with Gu Hai earlier. Embarrassed by the incident, Gu Hai takes his girlfriend out on the P.E. field and makes a proposition with her: Lu Lu can stay in town for however long she wants as long as she 1. doesn't mention Gu Hai's economic status and where he's actually from, and that she 2. doesn't seem "too rich" when she meets his new friends. After school, Gu Hai invites Luo Yin to meet Lu Lu and the three of them have lunch together. Lu Lu is jealous of the attention Luo Yin is getting from Gu Hai but she gradually grows to like Luo Yin as he always deflects that attention back to her. Once they finish eating, Lu Lu asks Luo Yin to watch over Gu Hai and to call her if anything happens. When she does come back, she'll treat Luo Yin to another meal. The next day, at Luo Yin's aunt's shack, Gu Hai tells Luo Yin of his relationship with Lu Lu and they end their conversation at breakfast by talking about what type of girls they like.

In class, You Qi tells Luo Yin with a note that he has seen Lu Lu accompanied by another man. Due to the temperament and his relationship with Gu Hai, he asks Luo Yin to be the one to tell him. Gu Hai immediately seeks to verify the information, manages to find Lu Lu and his companion, and follows them to a hotel. Despite her pleas, Gu Hai decides to break the relationship. He then receives a call from Luo Yin who asks him if he will return home. In their room he reveals what happened and Luo Yin shows him affection and consolation for the situation.

The next day Gu Hai and Luo Yin help with the opening of aunt Chou's new restaurant. Luo Yin's mother appears and ends up arguing with Luo Yin. Gu Hai goes to look for Luo Yin, and they discover their family connection. Luo Yin, puzzled by the revelation, hastily leaves the restaurant with the suspicion that Gu Hai already knew but had not revealed it for his own intention. At Luo Yin's house, they have a heated argument in which Luo Yin asks Gu Hai to leave home. Gu Hai rejects him revealing that he is in love with him and that he does not intend to leave him. Luo Yin admits that he cannot hate Gu Hai or his family but that it is very difficult for him to accept what his family has done to his. Gu Hai complains about Luo Yin who, out of pride, prefers to expel him from his life. Gu Hai decides to temporarily leave the Bai family's house.

The next day, on the way to school, Luo Yin is intercepted by two kidnappers. Handcuffed in a room, Luo Yin discovers that Gu Hai had orchestrated this action. Gu Hai, placing himself on top of Luo Yin, warns Luo Yin that he will not be able to get rid of him easily, then kisses him despite Luo Yin's opposition. Gu Hai reveals that he loves him, he desires him obsessively, and even if he thinks of him as a pervert, he will take it as long as he can be by his side. Luo Yin reveals that he was going to apologize to him at school and ask him to return to his house. Gu Hai, who did not expect such a reaction, thinks that it is a ruse to escape, but after speaking on the phone with Han Qi, he discovers that Luo Yin has told him the truth. Gu Hai frees him from the handcuffs and Luo Yin strikes him furiously. Gu Hai confesses to Luo Yin that everything he has said has come from the bottom of his heart and asks if he loves him even just for a little. Luo Yin, dismayed, answers no. Gu Hai says that he is willing to give him time, shower him with love until he admit the true nature of his feelings towards him.

After dinner, Luo Yin takes a shower and, only covered with a towel, asks Gu Hai for pajamas. Gu Hai, seeing him practically naked, becomes aroused. Gu Hai affectionately reproaches him that, by undressing in front of him, he has voluntarily seduced him. They ends up doing sexual activity together after which Gu Hai tells Luo Yin that he has been charming and very hot. Hugging Luo Yin, Gu Hai promises to shower him with love and affection.

The next morning, in class, the vice-monitor tells Luo Yin in the presence of Gu Hai that it turns out Luo Yin does not have hepatitis but actually the antibodies to the disease. The vice-monitor ends up receiving a punch from Gu Hai who blames him for having ruined the plan to become more physically intimate with Luo Yin. 041b061a72


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