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Circle Shield 32x !!TOP!!

The player can control the tilt of the ship and fly in any direction. There is a target locking system that helps the player find enemies quickly, as well as shows which enemies are closer by a number at the target's side. Besides lasers, both ships also have their own type of torpedo. An energy shield, capable of protecting the ship against enemy fire and hits, can be turned on and off when needed to save energy. A circular radar display appears at the bottom of the screen, which also tilts as the ship does. A next target arrow shows the player which direction the nearest enemy is. Each of the two available fighter crafts have their own advantages and disadvantages; Feather 1 is a highly maneuverable and fast light ship equipped with automatic laser cannons, whereas the Feather 2 is a more powerful and heavier ship that relies on manual fire.[4][6] If the player chooses the second fighter they will have the option of choosing auto-pilot, which allows the computer to fly and the player to concentrate on fighting.[4]

circle Shield 32x

These early shield graphics are traced from the original Sonic 3 sprites, but with colors changed and more detail added. The final shield sprites were redrawn from the ground up and feature a lot of additional frames.

Two icons for a stage editor can be found in LRZ2/Objects.gif. The "CVYR" graphic shows up in edit mode, but for some reason the white text isn't displayed, so it's just a black circle. The "DROP" graphic doesn't appear at all.

Asteroids broken down to their smallest size and then vaporized will sometimes drop shield or energy recharges, to repair damage caused by laser blasts or collisions. New weapons can also be found. Players have a time limit to meet all objectives in a stage before they are forced to land and try again. The right side of the HUD shows asteroids remaining (and their approximate size), while the left shows the player's distance to their base (and so, time remaining in the stage). 041b061a72


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