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Huawei Unlocked Phones Best Buy

Easily one of the best phones around in terms of hardware, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro suffers for the lack of Google apps and Play Store but if you simply want great photos and a gorgeous screen, this is the one for you.

huawei unlocked phones best buy

The move is a critical blow to Huawei, which is the world's third-largest smartphone vendor behind Apple and Samsung but has struggled to establish any presence in the US. Best Buy was one of Huawei's biggest retail partners, and one of the rare places you could see its unlocked smartphones, laptops and smartwatches in person. Huawei's Android-powered phones aren't sold by any US carriers, which is how a majority of Americans typically buy their phones.

Huawei had spent the last few years slowly building a fan base by selling unlocked phones through retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg. But most US consumers have still never heard of the company -- or even know how to pronounce its name. The company also boasts a line of Windows 10-powered laptops under the MateBook brand and its Android Wear-powered Huawei Watch.

The vast majority of phone owners still buy phones from a carrier, but there's a lot more freedom and interest in no-contract and unlocked phones. This is good news for all of us because we now have more options than what you can get only in your carrier store. Some of which are quite affordable.

For an overly simplistic example, if the carrier only uses band X and the phone only uses band Y, the phone isn't going to work with that carrier (you'd still be able to use it over Wi-Fi, of course). Depending on the technology, some unlocked phones you can buy will only work with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. Others will work with all of the Big Four and their prepaid branches -- for example Boost and Virgin Mobile for Sprint, Cricket Wireless for AT&T, and MetroPCS for T-Mobile.

While most unlocked phones are also no-contract, it's common enough that one carrier will sell the phone exclusively (not other carrier store stocks it), but you're often able to buy the phone from the manufacturer as well.

Keep in mind that though some of the devices listed here may not show your carrier of choice, you can buy most of these phones unlocked and use them with multiple US carriers. Read on for what to look for, as well as our top picks for Android phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ currently strikes the best balance of power, connectivity, and price among Android phones. With an excellent camera, a bright screen, a fast processor, and stellar 5G reception, it's the mainstream leader.

If you want a larger phone, the best-possible mobile camera, and demand the pure Android experience offered by Google Pixel phones, this is the one to buy. While the base Pixel 7 provides a better value, the Pixel 7 Pro takes everything to the nth degree.

Folks whose taste outpaces their budget. Google's Pixel phones aren't the best-selling Android models (Samsung models are more popular), but many people still prefer these phones because of the speed and elegance of their software.

Many people want a basic smartphone for under $200. Although some more powerful phones are discounted below this price, the Moto G Pure lists at $159.99. You can get it for even less through a carrier or buy an unlocked unit to use with your favorite low-cost cell phone plan. It has a bright screen, good battery life, and decent connectivity. It's reliable enough to make calls and get you online.

Speaking of bands, if you want the best network speeds, look for a phone with C-band (band n77). On T-Mobile and Verizon, C-band offers several times the speed of 4G. The number of phones with C-band support is growing quickly, but you should confirm that the particular phone you're considering supports it. We detail whether a phone supports C-band in each of our reviews to make the process easier.

Carrier-sold phones still dominate the US market, but buying your phone direct and unlocked gives you more freedom to switch carriers. Unlocked phones don't feature carrier bloatware and are something you buy upfront, so you don't have to worry about monthly payments.

With all that in mind, choosing Android as your mobile operating system is only half the battle; you still need to pick the right phone. If you're still on the fence, check out our list of the best phones, regardless of OS.

The best unlocked phones let you get whatever device you want while remaining free from carrier payment plans. Although you have to buy them upfront, you can then bring that unlocked handset to the best phone carrier for your needs.

Best unlocked phone overall: iPhone 14 (opens in new tab)Apple's flagship phone is the best device to buy unlocked (though you will pay an extra $30 at Apple to get an unlocked iPhone 14 instead of one tied to a specific carrier.) It's got great cameras, the best performing processor we've tested and a stylish design. Plus, the software experience is second-to-none, with plenty of apps to make your phone even more useful.

Best overall value: Pixel 7 (opens in new tab)The Google Pixel 7 offers the best value of any unlocked phone, with flagship features in a device that costs $200 less than comparable premium handsets. With the Pixel 7, you get powerful cameras that are backed up by Google's excellent computational photography for photos that stand up well against the images produced by any other phone. A Tensor G2 processor also delivers unique features like real-time dictation and call screening.

Though it's been out for a while, the Nord N20 is a newcomer to our best unlocked phone list, as the phone had been tied to T-Mobile. That's no longer the case, as you can buy the N20 5G unlocked, though you will need to take it to a wireless carrier that uses T-Mobile's coverage if you want to enjoy 5G speeds. Still, the low price of the Nord N20 5G makes this phone awfully hard to pass up, especially at a time of rising costs.

Last but not least, we take the best phones out in the field to take photos outdoors, indoors and at night in low light to see how they perform versus their closest competitors. We take shots of landscapes, food, portraits and more, and also allow you to be the judge with side-by-side comparisons in our reviews.

Even though many people still buy their smartphones directly from a carrier with a two-year service contact attached, buying unlocked phones is becoming popular now. Since the way smartphones are priced has changed dramatically, and it is actually much easier for customer to purchase unlocked phones, there is no need to give up the freedom of unlocked phones now, right?

If you are considering an unlocked phone with no standard contract, here are a few things you probably put mind on: price, operating system, model, etc. This article is designed with best cheap unlocked phones. We will introduce you 10 best unlocked phones with low price (mostly unlocked Android phones), hope you can get one you like.

Honor 8 by Huawei is one of the best-looking unlock phones in its price range. It has a glass/mental body with dedicate curves and attractive colors. The device's top-shelf hardware features are headed by a duo of 12MP cameras. One of them has a monochrome sensor, which allows it to capture stunning black-and-white photos.

Lenovo's Moto G5 Plus is one of the best cheap unlocked Android phones under $300. It supports a 1080p display for you to completely enjoy videos and web-surfing. The Snapdragon 625 processor coupled with 2-4 GB of RAM makes this best unlocked phone handle everything smoothly. Besides, the big 3000 mAh battery keeps you going all day long.

Nexus phone is always a charm to the unlocked phone buyers, and Google Nexus 6P is not an exception. The gorgeous design can top at low end mobile set. There is 3 GB as its RAM, so apps experience will be as smooth as silk without any doubt. In addition, you are getting a large 5.7 inches HD display that can show anything with the utmost clarity. Google Nexus 6P can be considered as one of the best unlocked android phones without any doubt.

ZTE Axon 7 is one of the best $400 unlocked phones. It's a speedy performer with a decent display and solid camera, the highlights are the battery life and the superb audio quality. In terms of features and design, the Axon 7 holds its own with the current flagship line-up. The ZTE Axon 7 supports a wide range of bands, and you'll have no problems with it on AT&T, T-Mobile, and many other GSM carriers.

After two generations of plastic phones, Asus has finally put forward one of the best unblocked phones that's surprisingly affordable. ZenFone 3 houses 2 or 4 GB RAM in different variants along with quad core Intel atom processor. 5.5 inches display with high resolution has made this stylish designed smartphone as a good fit for Android lovers. The design of the phone resembles most of the other Asus smartphones.

One Plus 3T is one of the unblocked phones with relatively low price. It features powerful Snapdragon 821 processor backed by 6GB or RAM, making it absolutely flies through web browsing, gaming and other tasks. 3400 mAh battery ensures you to get through a fullday of use on a single charge. In addition, this best unblocked phone now sports 16MP rear and front-facing camera sensors, a dual-SIM card slot, plenty of on-board storage, and a fast front-facing fingerprint sensor on the front.

The flagship smartphone from HTC is the best unlocked phones there is now. HTC 10 is crafted beautifully with elegant design, and supports fast charging. The newest Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, enhanced with the 4G LTE support gives you best unlocked phone experience. One best advantage for this unblocked phone is a fingerprint security scanner that unlocks within 0.2 seconds with the touch of your finger.

The iPhone SE is not only Apple's most affordable unlocked smartphone, but also the best unlocked phone available on the market today. The handset features the same design as the iPhone 5s, coupled with the zippy processor and excellent camera found in the iPhone 6s. It's compact, powerful, and eco-friendly. 041b061a72


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