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The Royal Nanny (2022)

Claire is an MI5 agent who goes undercover as the royal nanny. She must overcome the challenges of her assignment, like resisting the charms of Prince Colin, while keeping the family safe at Christmas.

The Royal Nanny (2022)


absolutely obsessed that this wasnt a normal girl meets prince but instead MI5 agent goes undercover as royal nanny. hallmark was on crack making this. also prince colin i am free on thursday night if you would like to hang out on thursday night when i am free.

Olivia Morgan was introduced as the live-in caretaker for Princess Rose, whose family was placed under the protection of MI5 agent (and main protagonist) Claire Champion--who instilled herself as the nanny for Rose's children, Robert and Elle. The film's progression saw Olivia antagonize Claire and criticize her tactics with the children, though after Prince Colin (Rose's brother) was abducted by a group of rogue agents led by Amanda Young, Olivia was suspected of being involved after her finances revealed that she had received payments.

Once Claire gets her unusual assignment in The Royal Nanny, she goes to work inside Kensington Palace. She gets a crash course in nannying from Ms. Lansbury (Greta Scacchi), who has spent the past three decades training the caretakers for the royal family.

However, things get complicated when MI5 wrongly suspects a member of the royal family of plotting against the throne. Claire puts her career, as well as her life, on the line to protect both the royal family and the man she is falling in love with.

Emily Burack (she/her) is the news writer for Town & Country, where she covers entertainment, culture, the royals, and a range of other subjects. Before joining T&C, she was the deputy managing editor at Hey Alma, a Jewish culture site. Follow her @emburack on Twitter and Instagram.

Claire (Rachel Skarsten), is an M15 agent. The M15 believes that the enemy will attack the royal family during Christmas. Claire is given the assignment to protect the royal family from harm and danger. She must overcome the challenges of her assignment and do all that she can to keep the royal family safe. So, she disguises herself as a nanny for the royal family to get into the inner circle undetected.

Last year, the BBC launched an inquiry into the infamous interview, in which Diana made some shocking revelations at the time about the inner workings of royal life and her relationships with other members of the Royal Family, including her husband at the time, Prince Charles.

However, Claire may not be the most ideal person to act as a nanny. Under the expert tutelage of Ms. Lansbury (Scacchi), who has spent the past three decades training nannies for the royals, she gets up to speed. Claire is prepared for every situation.

Claire is an MI5 agent who goes on an undercover mission to become the royal nanny. Along the way she has to overcome challenges such as resisting the charms of Prince Colin. But can she keep the family safe for Christmas?

When there is a security threat against the royal family, an MI5 agent is placed undercover as The Royal Nanny. Can Claire keep the children safe, while also solving the mystery about who is threatening them? In this movie review I'll share my thoughts on whether this Christmas movie is worth adding to your watch list this holiday.

Spies. Romance. Hot princes. The Royal Nanny truly has all the makings of a memorable holiday movie. Rachel Skarsten plays the titular nanny/MI5 agent who goes undercover inside Kensington Palace. Pour a glass of holiday wine and escape into this one.

I always cringe when my wife puts on a Hallmark Christmas movie that involves English royalty or a prince or a princess or a countess or a lord or a king or a queen - etc.There hasn't been a good one since 2014's "A Royal Christmas" with Lacey Chabert and Jane Seymour.Until now. This was surprisingly different and quite entertaining. Rachel Skarsten is perfect as the nanny of Royalty children - who isn't really a nanny at all. There's a nice blend of mystery, humor, and yuletide cheer here that keeps your attention throughout. The supporting cast is very good, too, particularly Katie Sheridan as the children's princess mother. Plus, there's the added feature of an unrecognizable Greta Scacchi as the owner of a nanny service company. She is delightful in a role that is sort of a nice tribute to the late Angela Lansbury.Filmed partly in Belgium, the production values and sets are nice to look at, but it's really the little surprises in the story and the fine performances of the entire cast that makes this worthwhile. Well done.

I have a lot of upside to report about this movie and only a little downside.Let's start with the downside, since it won't take long. The writers stretch for a BIG story and there just wasn't room for it all in the 90 minutes or so of screen time these films run without commercials. The plot included (a) bad guy intrigue, (b) security service procedural elements, (c) a father who couldn't get home for Christmas, (d) the "undercover nanny" trying to fit in and win the loyalty of the children, (e) the romance with their royal uncle, (f) a Christmas charity drive, and (g) sage advice from the older "head of nannies".They needed to drop at least a couple of those sub-plots and devote more time to (a), (d) and (e). With all the moving parts, I didn't feel the more important story elements got all the attention they needed to drive them home.However, on the good side, the writers came up with a completely different idea than we've seen in these Hallmark Christmas films before with intrigue, and a kidnapping plot threatening children(!!), and actual kidnapping of their uncle when the nanny/operative saved the children.They could have ramped up the tension more with a shootout instead of an umbrella rescue assault, but it wouldn't have been as amusing.There were audible chuckles here and the leads worked well together. About the only cliche was the ubiquitous "interrupted kiss".This movie doesn't have the warmth that's the frequent factor drawing us to repeat viewings, but I'm sure we'll watch it at least once more in the coming years.

I can only say bravo all around. I have to admit that the royal genre is not my favorite in these rom-com offerings, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It's a little less unrealistic than most and the family dynamics made you see the members as real people with real problems rather than a fairytale setting. This is a solid cast that works well together and involves you in the plot so well that you overlook the places where reality is stretched a bit. Rachel Skarsten is such a capable actress and this may be one of her best roles yet. The filming location of Brussels was close enough in overall look to fool a non-Londoner and the British accents were quite plausible. It's a bit of a spoof on a spy movie (that's where the fun comes in). Overall this movie holds its own against other holiday favorites and will become one of mine. It is worth the watch.

The week before she died, Powell wrote to Harry in Afghanistan, concerned about his safety after the recent Taliban attack on Camp Bastion, where he is stationed as an Apache helicopter pilot. The enduring relationship between Powell and the Princes is part of a long tradition of caregivers to royal children becoming honorary family members, continuing to influence their former charges into adulthood.

The warm relationship between William and Harry and the late Olga Powell demonstrates that the tradition of favourite nannies being treated as honourary members of the royal family has continued in the twentieth century. Powell provided stability for the two young princes and her influence over her charges continued into their adulthood.

The BBC said it has agreed to pay substantial damages to Alexandra Pettifer, a former nanny to Prince William and Prince Harry, after journalist Martin Bashir falsely claimed she had an affair with Prince Charles and subsequently underwent an abortion. 041b061a72


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