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Fredo Bang - Ape Talk.rar [PATCHED]

Aight so what do we know about both these artists and their history with the streets. 42 Dugg is no stranger to the gang banging lifestyle. He grew up on the 6 mile eastside of Detroit (0:00-0:03) and has at a young age became a name known within the justice system. His gang affiliation has long been speculated, but he has ties to the 6 Mile 42 Hustle Boyz, which is a fraction of the crips (0:43-1:05) This piece of info is critical to his beef with Sada Baby so store it in mind. At 15 years old, Dugg would be in the streets until getting caught by the cops in 2010 and sentenced to 4 years for car jacking and felony firearms possession.

Fredo Bang - Ape Talk.rar




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