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Rustam Rams

Autoscriptwriter Ii Larry Keys __LINK__

Ok I want to remap the arrow keys to zx./ z=left x=down .=up /=right. Ive done this in the program and rebooted. The zx./ still type zx./ in windows, and the arrow keys type zx./ as well. I have lost all function of the arrow keys. Any ideas whats going on?

Autoscriptwriter Ii Larry Keys

Delete all of the entries that you have so far, write the changes to the registry, reboot, and make sure you have zx./ on the left column and the arrow keys on the right column, when selecting keys again.

On those keyboard layouts having a defined AltGr key, it is equivalent to holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys together, which means many Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts (for example, shortcuts to icons in Windows Explorer) can be operated using only one hand from either side of the keyboard. However, AltGr + Del does not function as Ctrl-Alt-Del does.

Randy, I have a ThinkPad T61 w/Vista and removed most of the ThinkVantage software because I dont like extra stuff doing things I dont need. Now the big blue ThinkVantage button does nothing. Since the Productivity Center software controls that button, there is nothing telling it what to do and there is nothing I can change. Id like to know if Sharpkeys can find that button and let me use it to open another program like Word or IE.

Thanks for a very useful program. I recently used it to remap the page-up/down keys on my laptop to Home/End keys. The remapping worked fine but a couple of the windows system shortcut behaviours seem to have changed. Typing Shift + Del or Del alone now brings up the right-click alternative actions menu instead of deleting the file. Has anyone ever had this issue before? If so, would you happen to know of any workarounds?

however, i was wondering if there was a way to map keys to do things that there are no keys for, for example to open a specific folder or program. or to map one key to do the job of a couple.. ie: shift+2. i was also wondering if it would be possible to map a key to be kind of like a caps lock but for the Fn key.

I have an Acer laptop with a Euro key and a Dollar key. Neither of them do anything! I tried mapping them with Sharpkeys, and I can map them to another existing key. How can I make them do what they are supposed to? i.e. Euro and Dollar symbols?

I have recently bought a new MacBook on which I have installed VMWare Fusion so that I can run Windows programs such as Microsoft Access. Missing from the Mac keyboard are the break and Del keys. I need crtl-break and del in Access.

i just downloaded sharpkeys 2.0 and i have a suggestion for it. you should have a button that allows you to have default setting. lets say you make some mistakes or something is wrong with the keys. you should be able to just click on a button and then have all the settings back to normal stock keyboard settings. that would be awesome!

You can hotkey the keys to write themselves to an ini file for starters. The most primitive keylogger ever!!! (Usually you can't do this because AutoIt won't let you assign hotkeys to a normal key like a-z.)

Kind of. The function should return an array of all the keys currently pressed, but without a type of callback facility I could see where it would be difficult if not impossible to write an AutoScriptWriter type utility in pure AutoIt. I'm just throwing out some ideas to try to see what would actually work in this type of program, becuase I want to be able to write (or at least modify) such a program. I am comfortable (for the most part) writing AutoIt code; I do not see myself being able to use C or C++ to do it.


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