With an endless dedication to contributing to the arts, education, health and wellness, Cynthia has established an array of teachings benefiting all individuals including professionals though beginners, students, adults, youth, children and families. Her presentations, class materials and lectures are appropriate for various settings such as large corporations, smaller businesses, universities, schools and churches.



Dance and Movement Workshops and Courses

  • Holistic Nourishment of the Spirit, Soul and Body (Spirit; engaging our Spirit connecting to the Spirit of God, Soul; wellness practices for the mind, will and emotions and Body; healthy nutrition for God’s temple.)

  • Modern Dance Technique (all levels beginning through advanced.) 

  • Improvisation (creative ways to explore the joy of moving in new ways/ utilizing improvisation as a basis for choreography.) 

  • Choreographic Techniques (teaching pedagogy techniques.) 

  • Choreography (setting original choreography for various levels.) 

  • Creative Integrating of Arts; Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Written and Spoken Word (How to connect two or more art forms to stimulate a creative art filled experience.) 

  • Movement Prayers and Meditation (Engaging the Spirit, Soul and Body in communion with God.) 

  • God’s Healing Power of Dance (Utilizing dance to bring healing to the spirit, soul and body.) 

  • Psalms in Motion (Utilizing the Psalms as a basis for embodied exploration and response.)

  • Leading Congregational Movement (Teaching practical ways to get the congregation moving in worship services or other gatherings.) 

  • Creativity and the Body (Exploring creative ways to respond and cultivate the imagination.) 

  • Creative Movement for Children (Stimulating children to use their imagination in physical response and exploration.) 

  • Movement Integration of the Varied Abled (Inclusion of movement explorations of individuals with and without disabilities.)

  • Dances and the Bible (Verbal; bringing understanding of biblical context / physical; moving and dancing biblical forms and styles.)

  • Dance and Missions (How can dance be used globally to share and present the message of Christ?) 

  • The Business of Dance (Helpful ways to market oneself and acquire dance jobs.) 

  • Balancing Your Soul (Helpful insights and practical applications on ways to bring balance in our daily lives with busy schedules and pressures to perform.) 

  • Soul Awareness and Healing  (Engaging one's mind, will and emotions with compassion and wholeness.) 

  • Soul Care (Incorporating biblical truths, understanding and applying scriptures focused on God's love and care.) 

  • Holding Our Thoughts (Prayer and meditation tools for a healthy soul.)

Health, Wellness and Nutrition Workshops

  • Nutrition Tips for People on the Go (Helpful ways to eat healthy with busy schedules.)

  • Nutrition for Dancers and Athletes (What is the best diet for active individuals?)

  • God’s Design for Health (Eating whole foods for healthful living.)

  • Tricks to Feed Picky Eaters (Tips to creatively prepare and serve food for finicky eaters.)

  • Meal Planning (Don’t wait until you are hungry to think about what you are going to eat! Organize and prepare for your weekly meals.)

  • Traffic Light Eating (Go, Slow, Stop and Think Foods for you and your family.)

  • Breakfast for Brain and Body Power (Why is breakfast so important?)

  • Smaller Meals, Portions and Snacks (Why is eating more often and smaller portions good for you?)

  • Shopping for Healthy Whole Food (Tips for reading labels and purchasing the right foods for a more healthy you.)

  • Smoothies (A quick and nutritious meal or snack packed with vital nutrients.)

  • Healthy Recipe Substitutions (Selecting alternative ingredients for favorite recipes.)


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